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Glad to see more attendees. Check your upcoming issue of Stereophile magazine for an announcement of CanLanta 2013. Thanks to John Morrison and Chuck Bruce of the Audio Visual Club of Atlanta for making this happen.
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I'll bring my W4S DAC2, Stax SRM-717, and Stax SR-009.  I may bring my dynamics as well.

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Originally Posted by purk View Post

I'll bring my W4S DAC2, Stax SRM-717, and Stax SR-009.  I may bring my dynamics as well.

Awesome, didn't think I'd get a chance to hear the SR-009 anytime soon. Not every day you get to listen to what some call the "worlds best headphone" ...unless of course, you own them! biggrin.gif

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I'll look forward to seeing you, too.

These meets have a lot to offer in letting folks share the results of a lot of music exploration and how to share it amongst friends.

Like but in person.

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Players optimized for HeadPhone Usage

Has anyone developed some expertise in setting up players for headphone usage on their computers or tablets?

I regularly use MediaCenter 17, FooBar2K, and VLC as players and have done a few tweaks. I'd love to see more!

Is there any interest in setting up a little seminar time? Love to hear from those with a similar interest.


Just for fun, here's a multi-page thread on Headphone Setups for FooBar 2000 that you may enjoy:
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JRiver MediaCenter sale thru Friday March 1 for MAC (in development) and Windows

JRiver has a 50% sale on its new MAC version of MediaCenter and 50% off on upgrades to MC18.

If anyone is interested, see the links in Computer Audio at Head-FI.

Review as of Feb 27 in Audiostream for the ALPHA version of MC for MAC:

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I just PMed you the links.

Seems like there is a problem in posting outside links. I think I got banned for it once upon. But, I never could find the "rule".

Whoops, decided to rethink this and I posted the links in "Computer Audio"

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Got it!! Thanks so much...

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I will totally be there! I can bring my HD650, Momentums, Woo WA7, and E17/E9 stack.  It should Be Awesome!

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Glad your coming. Interested to hear the Momentums as well. Trav
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Just acquired a pair of DT770 Premiums which I will be bringing with me as well.

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I was wondering if anyone from so florida will be driving up for this meet I'm in a bind so I'm not sure if I can make it unless I split funds just pm me if interested or willing :P 

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Hey Everyone,


It's been a quite around here, but it's getting close.  Be sure to buy your plane tickets, save your gas $$$, rent your rooms, take off work, ask the Significant Others, whatever needs to be done, as we're down to about 6 or 7 weeks!

I just picked up a new toy to bring, so I'll have my Stax SRS-002 (that I just picked up from the good people and attending vendor HeadAmp) for people to listen to.

I'm starting to  get excited about this, anyone else?



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I'm gonna try to smooth-talk the bossman into a few days off for this either tomorrow or the next day... Wish me luck!!! :)


Btw, is there anything in particular that would be useful to bring? If I'm able to go (and I don't think it'll be a problem) I'm cool to bring whatever I've got that might help. Lemme know! 

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