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Wow that is a nice list of equipment sir!! I vote for the Orpheus and Stax. redface.gif

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Quick poll. How many of you will be needing a room from May 3 - May 4?

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^^ Not me.

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If I sell my car by then I will try and make it...Jeep is not meant for long distance travel on a poor college students budget haha.

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90% sure I'll be there with whatever gear I can fit in my car. It's now the goal to get my KGSSHV done before then.

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Rent a van...bring it all.
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Just saw the pics added to first post. Very nice!! I expect that I'll be playing the piano before the night is over. redface.gif

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I can bring he-6, w3000anv, d600 and a few good sources. I should have the upcoming hifi m8 by then.

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^^ Always wanted to hear the he6!! This is shaping up to be a very nice meet. wink.gif

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I believe my friend and I will be coming to this meet. We're from the Gulf Coast (Biloxi), which isn't a great area for head-fi'ers.


I'll be bringing what I have, but I see that, Matt, you basically have everything I have (and more)! 


EDIT: Trav, we won't be needing a room.

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Is it possible that any could bring a bottlehead crack to the meet. This is an amp that I've always wanted to have a few minutes with. 

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I booked a room already Trav, Unless i get some sort of deal going threw you it should be fine!

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Bender you coming out of Burning Man territory?
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Originally Posted by Trav View Post

Bender you coming out of Burning Man territory?

Nah hehe i will be heading up from FL Jacksonville. Should be bringing my LCD-2 and WA7 can bring my Grado HF-2 as well.

Also I can give anyone else in the area a lift if need'ed.

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This is shaping up into a great meet.  Can't wait!

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