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Ok folks I need the size and number of tee shirts you will needing. I plan on making the purchase Monday. Thanks, Trav
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This is looking like a distinct possibility for me.  I wasn't expecting to still be in Georgia in May.  But looks like I will be.  Not 100% sure as of yet.

It'll be fun to attend a Georgia meet.


I've got a Schiit M&M stack, Lyr, LCD-2, HD580, and a Brainwavz HM5 with me.

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We are actually the Audio-Video Club of Atlanta and we always look forward to supporting programs that increase our ability to enjoy the music!

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Ty so much John! You and Chuck have been a huge asset. Trav
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Ham I'd love to hear that Lyr/LCD combo. Trav
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So for the portable rig, looks like I now will have a NuForce uDAC1 to go along with the Stax SRS-002s (but that rig will check out many other rigs too, including big ones.)



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Ok folks go ahead and please post what gear your bringing and I will start the gear list tomorrow. We're a lil over a month out. Thanks, Trav
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Brent just got it started with his. I will have as my static home rig: Fostex T50rp (lightly modded) - ECP Torpedo - PICO DAC. Travel kinetic rig: Vsonic GR07 MK2 - JDS Labs C 421(8620) - Colorfly C3.
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Hey Trav! I sent you my list via PM, please let me know what you'd like me to bring. We can wait a bit to see what's needed if that's helpful. Thank you!

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Count me in to bring:

Maddogs with alpha pads

Vintage receiver/bifrost
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Hey guys, I'm trying to decide whether to attend this meet or not.  Does anyone know approximately how many people will be there?



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About 50 right now, minus vendors. I do guarantee you will hear some of the most esoteric gear on the planet and will meet some of the most experienced people in the hobby. Thanks, Trav

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Theo missed your pm but bring whatever you like. This venue has no need for extension cords. There are outlets every few feet embedded in the top of the tables. Thanks, Trav

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Ok folks shirt order has been placed, I even ordered some extras JIC. Trav

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No problem on the PM. Below is a list of the gear that I have available to bring. To be clear, I definitely don't want to bring ALL of this, but once we get sorted out what everybody else is bringing, these are some of the things that wouldn't be too tough for me to bring. The portables would definitely be easiest (although I might sell the D6 between now and then). Please let me know!!



iBasso D6 w/ HiFlight Topkit

Apex Glacier

iBasso D-Zero 




LCD-2s (with a couple of different sets of cables)

HD25 w/ a BTG recable

HD25 w/ stock cable

Beyerdynamic T5p w/ stock, gel, and J$ pads

HD650 w/ a BlueDragon recable
V-Moda M80s



Rockhopper M3 (pretty basic build, wallwart PS, SE output)

JDS Labs O2 and ODAC (separates, not combined unit)

CI Audio VHP-2 (if I can find it) and VAC-1


Also, in the same PM, I mentioned wanting to get 3 shirts-- did you by any chance see that? If not, would it be too late to include my order? 


Thanks a BUNCH for putting all this together!!! Can't WAIT!!! 


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