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For Sale: For Sale: Gamma 2 full++

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For Sale:
For Sale: Gamma 2 full++

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale I have my Gamma2 full++, for the extra low price of $55 shipped. Fair warning: It's not pretty.


The story: I purchased this DAC from a boardmember here, also for a very low price. The catch was it was one of the prototype boards, and as such, it didn't have faceplates. I purchased it, and it works flawlessly, but as mentioned before, it didn't have faceplates. I did make a front and back plate for it myself, they were milled out of aluminum plate, but my milling skills arent the best, so they have a rough finish, and the component holes are a little bit larger than they need to be. Since I feel like it would be wrong to sell what was in fact my first lesson in using a mill for profit, I'm selling it for the price it cost me. At $55, I'm selling it for exactly what I put into it, and I'll take the cost of shipping. Cosmetics aside, this unit is beautiful and packed with a remarkable number of features.



* 24 bit wolfson DAC

* onboard CMOS Oscillator / masterclock

* usb input

* toslink input

* coax input

* toslink output (for use as a usb to toslink converter)

* anti-clip (switchable)

* 3 selectable digital filters






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PMed you. I will gladly take it. :D

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Originally Posted by doubletaps View Post

PMed you. I will gladly take it. :D


I was first. tongue_smile.gif


Payment sent!

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