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Sennheiser HD25-1 II Recabling

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Hi All,


After much lurking of the head-fi forums, I finally pulled the trigger and bought the HD25's, my first pair of high quality cans. I have a rather simple question about them: what is the best, most cost effective and easiest way to recable them? I do not mind if I have to invert one of the cups and have the cable running out of each can. My only requirements are that the cable is reasonablely affordable (ideally in the 30 dollar range), not very long and  terminates to 1/8'. If it matters, I am using is the FiiO E6 amp with the FiiO L9 L-Shaped Line Out Dock.
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Anyone have any suggestions?

If this is the wrong forum (or bumping is discouraged), I apologize. 

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Do it yourself with some mogami star quad cable and a neutrik jack.

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