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Thank you, BirdManOfCT.

I have no idea, I suspect that in 2015 a lot of new headphones will be realesed, including the suspected orpheus successor from Sennheiser, a new headphone from audeze.

The problem with Jade is  that it would be electrostatic :P. I would love a good dynamic headphone so I wouldn't have to get another amplifier. 

I'm sure Hifiman will have a matching amp for the Jade, and that it will hopefully be a) good and b) less expensive than most other good electrostat amps! The first Jade was quite good value for money too (apart from the reliability concerns).

However, that's why the HE-6 successor is of more interest to me (should sound great on my 300b amps), not to mention that I get this weird thought of being electrocuted by a pair of electrostats one day ... cheap ECT I guess, might cure depression! ... does anyone else worry about electrostats in the same way, even if it isn't entirely rational?