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I bought a vintage PCDP sony D-555 from him. Very honest and sincere guy indeed, after I giving a 270 highest offer he voluntarily reduced the price a lot for me, and gave me detailed description of that item including all the flaws.

I feel obligated to say great thanks to him.

Urban, H.
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I just had an easy, pleasant head-fi transaction with insomniac. Sold him a pair of AKG K340's - communication was easy, payment was very fast, and he followed up right after the headphones arrived. I would certainly deal with insomniac again!
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I sold him a pair of DT880 headphones. Super-fast payment and excellent communication. Would do business with insomniac again with no reservations.
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Insomniac has become my unofficial Grace dealer; I've been enjoying using the 901 I got from him awhile back and have just relieved him of his m902. Smooth transaction apart from a hiccup courtesy of the USPS.
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Bought a Supermacro(V1) from insomniac with good, prompt pm's and no problems. Quick shipping (all the way to afghanistan) and great packaging -- even hooked me up with a mini-mini. Would do business again.
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I like posting reviews, so I guess I'll post my experiences with Insomniac.

I've been looking around for a Sony SA5000 for about two weeks and was pretty much ready to buy one new from when I went to the For Sale forum for fun. I noticed Insomniac's thread. He was selling a SA5K in mint condition.

I immediately sent Insomniac a message on Thursday, August 4th, 2005. Insomniac didn't have any photos of the item so I asked if he could post some up. I also told him that I wouldn't be able to pay until Monday, August 8th, so if someone picked up the headphones before I did, I was fine with that.

Insomniac replied swiftly, saying that he would be able to reserve the headphones for me for as long as I needed. He also told me that getting the photos would be somewhat difficult. I told him that I didn't need the photos that much. A day later, he went through the trouble of taking the photos anyways!

Insomniac was very patient with me
. I sent the money order on Monday, August 8th as promised. USPS, however, wasn't cooperating as swiftly as we would have liked. Wednesday passed, Thursday passed, and Friday passed. I was getting extremely worried! But Insomniac told me not to worry. The money order arrived on Saturday. *whew*

On Monday, Insomniac promptly shipped off the headphones. WOW! What a quick delivery; I received the headphones just two days later, Wednesday!

The headphones were packed with all the original documentation and packaging. The box was placed in a HUGE box with TONS of bubble rap and peanuts for protection! Wonderful protection and thoughtful packaging.

Amazing! Insomniac is a really great person. I would glady do business with him in the future again.

- Great communication and swift action
- Very patient
- Great packaging

This is the first time I've used the For Sale forums here on, and it was an awesome experience.

Tommy H.
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WOW! What a quick delivery. Expected them maybe tomorrow. Got them today. Nice Surprise. Condition, just like NIB headphones. Thank you, very much.
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I sold my Zu Mobius cable to insomniac and he paid immediately. The communication was prompt and I had no issues at all - I would certainly do business with him again.
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insomniac purchased a pair of L3000's from me. Paid quickly and was a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended!
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Just sold insomniac a P-to-S adapter, enjoy the ohmage!
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Traded my MS-2i's for 325i's. We met in person and everything was as promised. I was worried about flaws, but that wasn't the case, the cans are mint in every way. We even kept our own bowls. Overall, a super headfier, and would gladly do business in the future.
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Bought a Beyerdynamic DT880 from insomniac; came just as promised. Even included the extension cable, which I hadn't been expecting, but was a nice addition.
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Sold AKG 271's

Record transaction. I posted the thread for these cans and within the hour it was paid for and shipped out . Fast and communication was fantastic. A +
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I tried to sell my P to S adapter, but it got lost in the mail to him, stupid USPS! He was very understanding and cool with the refund - thanks again, you're a class act!
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Sold a Headroom Desktop amp to insomniac. Everything went great. Thanks!
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