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i sold a headphone to insomniac & he paid promptly & was a pleasue to do biz with. highly recommended.
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Cardas Senn cable

Perfect transaction from Insomniac ! ! ! !
Payed quickly and was a pleasure to do buisness with

Would never hesitate to sell to or buy from again.....
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Bought Dell DJ

I bought a 15 GB Dell DJ from insomniac. Communication was great throughout and he kept me up-to-date the whole way through the process. Package arrived VERY quickly and was extremely well packed. He included everything agreed upon and all in the original packaging even, down to even the individual components of headphones and power cords in original packaging too! Highly recommended head-fi'er
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He bought my SA5k from me. The transaction went very smoothly. Honest buyer, and great communication. Would gladly sell to him again. Thanks.
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Sold him my DT770/80's. Smooth communication and fast payment. I would definately do business with him again.
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Just got it(gilmore v1)! I works great! Fast communication and shipping!
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I bought a pair of ath-a900 headphones from insomniac, and they arrived in perfect condition and with alacrity. He's a good man.
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Sold Insomniac my Supermacro-3 amp. Payment was made quickly, and he was responsive and courteous to all PM's. Thanks for a great transaction.
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Bought a pair of Zu Oxyfuels from him. Item arrived fast and nicely packaged. Thanks for the deal .
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Insomniac purchased some itunes gift certificates from me, and paid immediately. Thanks!
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Bought the WAO thing! from him (Insomniac). Very quick shipping and good communication. Package was as described. Thanks.
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Sold him one of my ipod cables. Quick payment and good communication.

Recomended in any transaction.
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Bought Paradigm Active 20's

Bought a pair of Paradigm Active 20 version 2's from insomniac. Sold for a very fair price and appeared to be very well packed. Unfortunately, one of the tweeters was damaged in shipping and another speaker had a packing foamy stuck in it. We both agreed I'd take it to an authorized Paradigm dealer and got it repaired. Insomniac was a complete gentleman throughout the process, communication was excellent and he even agreed to pay for most of the repairs which I agreed was fair. He was also willing to send me the receipts and allow me to fight FedEx for the repairs to be covered under insurance if I chose, though I declined because we basically agreed it'd be a nightmare in our current situation, though in the event I won the claim he was going to let me keep the money for the repairs which is quite generous. Overall, a very positive experience considering the circumstances and I have no reservations about doing business with him again.
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Bought some MS-2i's from him...was a wonderful transaction (despite me mailing via snail mail...). His shipping was quick and he kept communication during the entire deal. Would gladly deal with him again, just with quicker mail and a different money order! (all on my part).
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Insomniac bought my pair of Grado HP-2, the communcation was prompt and payment was fast. Will do business again in the future. Will not hesitate again if to buy things from him.
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