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Great transaction

Sold him a pair of Grado SR60's. Quick payment. Very patient buyer. Priority mail still took alomost 2 weeks from MD to NYC! Would certainly do business again. Sorry again.
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double post...
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bought headamp gs-1 from him,fast shipping,a smooth transaction.great stuff,almost like new.thanks and will deal with you again
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I purchased a HeadRoom Amp/Dac from him. Was great to work with, everything arrived and was in tip top shape. Would highly recommend!
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Prompt payment. Enjoy the flat pads!
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I bought a Sony optical cable. Everything as described and promised. Good Head-Fi'er. Highly recommended!
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I bought a set of Alessando MS-2i's from insomniac.

His replies to my PM's were the fastest I have seen so far. He was very easy to deal with and it was a smooth transaction from start to finish. Shipping was fast. The M-2i were in near perfect condition. I would have no problems in dealing with insomniac in the future.

Enjoying the cans as I type this. Thanks.
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Forgot to leave feedback for a past purchase of a Allesandro MS2i but i do remember everything going without a hitch.In the process of another transaction with him and it's going as smooth as can be.
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purcashed AKG 271's from him in mint shape for a great price.

A+++ and thanks!!!!!
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I recently sold insomniac my TTVJ flats and I'd definately do business with him again. He paid promptly via Paypal and kept good communication throughout the transaction.
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In December Insomniac had a Gilmore Lite for sale, I told him I wanted to buy it but that I would be out of the country visiting family (In Canada) for the holidays. He generously waited for me to return so that I could complete the purchase.

The amp shipped yesterday, arrived today (packed very well in peanuts and bubble wrap), and sounds amazing.

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I bought a pair of RS-2's from Insomniac. They arrived as promised in PERFECT condition. Thank you for a wonderful transaction.
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I purchased a Headphile XLR headphone cable from him; he shipped it promptly and it arrived in excellent condition. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.
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Purchased and received an HP-2 for insomniac today exactly as he described and as always he was very cool to deal with.
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Sony MDR-R10 -

Good communication throughout
Sent cans in a timely manner so as to arrive exactly when I wanted them.
Item looked as described, in good condition.

A Pleasure.

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