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Sold a Grado case to insomniac... smooth transactions, not a single hiccup.
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Ordered some beyerdynamic DT770/70's from him, great shipping and communication. Headphones arrived in perfect condition.
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Thx Insomniac (AKG 271)

He gave me a great deal on a mint set of AKG 271's. They arrived safely and all is well. Thanks insomniac it was a pleasure to deal with you!
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Insomniac lent me a Zu Mobius cable to try with my Senn 650's; I left him no security, and there was nothing in it for him. (I did return it and subsequently bought one from another head-fier.) The man lent me a $200 cable. Amazing! Insomniac is a cool guy to do business with.
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I sold insomniac a Sennheiser HD-600. The deal could not have gone smoother.
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Dude, get some sleep! All that insomnia is going to do you in, if you keep selling awesome headphones like this for so cheap.

Great pair of Senn PXC-250's for a song (get it? headphones, song? har har har). Great communication, pm'ing back and forth - great guy. Shipped lightning fast, I had them 2 days later. I would definitely do business with insomniac again!

Thanks man....
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sold quail power cords in person, can't get easier than that! thanks again, hope you make it to the NYC meet!
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Bought Cary 303/300 from Insomniac.
Insomniac is trustworthy and extremely nice to deal with. Very easy and pleasant communication. Very fast shipping. Item as described. Will deal again with pleasure.
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He joined us in the 3rd Quail powercord group buy. No problems encountered in the transaction whatsoever. Would be happy to deal with him again.
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Insomniac bought a Headroom Micro Stack from me. Great communication. Fast payment. What more is needed from a buyer ? Thanks!
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I bought the Coda and Overture from Insomniac. Everything worked nicely. Smooth communication and no problem at all with transatlantic shipping.

would definitely buy again from him.


edit: Overture/Coda LE in mint conidtion, packaging was perfect, SQ is awesome :-)
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Insomniac bought an Ety. p/s converter cable from me a few weeks ago. Very easy to deal with, swift payment and prompt feedback.
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Just sold my GS-1 to Insomniac in person. Very smooth transaction -- couldn't ask for better. I'm sure we'll bump into each other here in NYC. Great guy!
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I sold a headphile senn replacement cable to insomniac. He was very direct, paid promptly and communicated clearly. An unusually easy and uncomplicated sale. Highly recommended!
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Second time dealing with insomniac. Just like the first time, he was pleasure to deal with and would not hesitate to do business with him again. Thanks!
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