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"Housing can make a lot of difference to the sound, depending on the thickness and type of material of the earcup it can affect how the sound bounces off it."




True, I once had a cheap pair of Sony closed headphones...

The plastic was so thin and cheap that they sounded like open headphones (which I prefer)


So I believe housing can change clarity and bass but I'm still wondering how it could effect brightness.

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Originally Posted by Koukol View Post

"The drivers are tuned differently,"



I didn't know that...I suppose this would explain the 598's being brighter as housing usually effects only the bass...no?


No. A sound wave is a sound wave.


The only difference between high and low frequencies is the length of the wave.


Engineers understand how waves propagate through matter and use materials of different density and thickness to absorb or reflect different wavelengths to "tune" the sound.

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So are you happy with your purchase ? did you actually get a chance to compare the two yourself ? frankly im considering buying out of the two , and my main concern is watching movies on my laptop other than listening to music of course. 

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Both of that's sounds like 'downgrading' from HD600 by that's price. So it depends on your budget.

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