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what is the absolute best Tubes for xcanv2 ( NOS is fine)

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Since Headwize is still down I cant search archive so bear with me here.

I see some NOS tubes on ebay ( and also on the net)

Please tell me the EXACT tube model # that is the best for my Xcanv2 or is better than the Current stock tubes.
( I am buying for back up purpose)
If you have used and tested more than 2 sets, give me their model # as well. Direct link to the online vender store is also fine. ( not link to the store, but to the actual tubes set that works in my xcanv2)


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Well, I'll say best sounding tubes to YOU is the best tubes
I'm using Amperex 6922 PQ (made in USA) and perfectly satisfied with.
To me, RAM 6922's are the best sounding tubes.

Following link might help ;

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Here's some opinions from headwise

If they were on E-bay, and say PQ on the box flap, they are fakes done in Hong Kong. They are Sylvania 6922, which if they are selected, can be OK. Problem is that a very small percenage will be low enough in microphony for pickier pre-amps.

Depends on the code etched on the glass. I seemed a few Tungsram E88CC labelled as Amperex with PQ sign but without gold pin. If the first character on second row (etched code) started *, then is made in USA, New York; If it started a triangle leaned to the right then it's a Philips Heerlen plant. I hope these help.

I have had the X-cans for some time and hated the Philips from the get-go! I went w/ Amperex a long time ago and have been very satisfied. However, I have tried about a dozen different sets since then and can add this to the mix. I found that the Amperex A-Frames worked best on this unit. Had a deeper bass w/ richer midrange while still being extended but never bright on top.
Tried the good RUSSIAN tubes from Upscale & they really sucked compared to the Amperex or Mullards. Much better than the stock tubes, but at $25 a pop you can do better. The Russian tubes suffered from a lot of top end shrill while being much better w/ bass response.Still too much like the stock on vocals for me.
Have also plugged in 7308 white labels 7308 orange labels,6DJ8 & 7DJ8 Bugle boys, US White labels, 6922 PQ & Mullard 6DJ8 as well as the russian and some older Philips tubes. I still feel the A- Frames were better in that the round getter model were still just a touch too extended on top.
I use theX-PSU power supply & have Grado SR 325 as well as Senn HD 580 Cans.
One more point to ponder. WHAT INTERCONNECTS are you using? Found the X-Cans to be very susceptable to ICs. I tried JPS Superconductors, Cardas Golden Hexlink 5C, Cardas Cross, MIT 330 II, MIT 330 HE, Wireworld Atlantis II, TMC Yellow, TMC white, Kimber KCAG, Harmonic Tech Pro Silway MKII, & Harmonic Tech Truthlink. FAr and away the best sound was with the HT Pro Silway MKII, with the MIT 330 HE and Cardas Cross a real close second. The HT Truthlink is probably the best budget choice though as it is very close to the others just lacking a bit of detail while maybe being a touch stronger on the bass w/ some recordings. Plus they can be had for only about $150 delivered on a good day! :-)
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Thanks for the infos ! and you are right about sounding best to *me*

But as long as it works and is fine that is all I care =)

Thanks again !


PS. beside back up purpose, I am getting somewhat tired of turning on amp hours before I listen, then off. Or turn on and wait few hours them listen. With extra tubes sets, I can jsut leave it on forever and replace tubes as necessary.
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Hey Tides, Gemul is right about those fake Amperexes, make sure you can get a good look at the tubes themselves.
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