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Why is it that the only presents i can think of are audio gear? :P

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Fun story that involves Metal LPs today. My wife(ish) and I were out to dinner and we were deciding if we wanted to do something or just go home. I grinned and she knew exactly what I wanted to do...trip to the record store. 


She refused but of course eventually caved. On the way there we discussed how bored she got every time I went to the record store. I proposed a rule that I have a feeling we'll follow from now on. She has to flip through some stuff and buy something she's never heard of. Whether it be based on cover art or whatever.


Tonight I knew what I wanted. A copy of In Flames' A Sense of Purpose that I'd been eyeing for a few trips now. Went straight to it and picked it and was ready to go (I had promised to keep it short this time). We were held up by her eyeing something I'd also had my eye on for awhile. A copy of Baroness' Blue Record. She likes pretty things and man is that cover art gorgeous...



So we walked out with my record, and a copy of the Blue Record as well. I have a feeling we'll end up with their Red Record and Yellow & Green Record, too. Looking forward to it. 


I swear...I'm going to get her into music if it kills me (or our bank account). :D


As for the gifts thing...All i get her is vinyl. :)

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