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What are your favorite indie games?

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To the Moon for me


although, I'll admit its the only "indie" game I have played.  Still enjoyed it immensely however

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Cave Story. It goes without saying, really.

Though it may be easy to forget that it was a freeware indie PC game before it got all commercialized...
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Bastion, Braid and Limbo come to mind as being pretty awesome.
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At the moment, FTL: Faster than Light.

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Originally Posted by Nixon View Post

At the moment, FTL: Faster than Light.


Oh god, FTL was digital crack for a while when I started playing it.


Same thing happened when I started playing Dungeons of Dredmor, too. Maybe Roguelike games just have a habit of doing that to me, even though I'm usually not that much into the genre.

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Bastion, FTL, Natural Selection 2, Audiosurf.

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Bastion, Machinarium, DEFCON, SpaceChem, Orcs Must Die!, Trine

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Retro City Rampage is a recent fav of mine. Also Orcs Must Die 2 if that counts as indie.

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The Binding of Isaac will probably remain my number one for a good long time. The replayability is outrageous.

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Legend Of Grimrock- Its like being back on my Commodore Amiga 500 playing Dungeon Master, Eye Of The Beholder, Black Crypt etc. Retro never felt so fresh and new.


Avernum and Geneforge series- Very detailed old school rpg games with excellent writing and intricate gameplay which goes very smoothly thanks to some excellent design mechanics. Reminds me of Realms Of Arkania and Star Trail but with a much more well paced system.


Arena Wars 2- Has that old school indie sci-fi strategy game feel like alot of similar games i played on the Amiga 500 such as Battle Isle and Front Lines. Wish i could control a bigger army though at the moment it feels a bit like the first Command And Conquer.


Picked up all of these over the holidays on STEAM during their holiday sales.

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Bastion, Braid, FTL.  But mostly Bastion.  OMG, so unforgettable.

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Bastion, Natural Selection 2, Hotline Miami, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Thomas Was Alone (narration adds character to an otherwise simple puzzle platformer, and I've enjoyed it greatly so far)

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Braid and Limbo are great. I'd also mention Castleminer Z. Pretty fun for a free indie Minecraft ripoff.
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Don't play many 'indie' games but I did enjoy Amnesia and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is good fun. 

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They Bleed Pixels

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