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Good IEM

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Hello guys.


This is my first post so excuse me if I say something that might seem stupid.


I travel a lot, especially by airplane, and need a pair of decent IEM. I need them to have a great sound and good isolation.


I am not an addicted audiophile but I do like good music. I have a pretty decent stereo at home and I can say that my benchmark is a good one.


Since I know nothing about IEM, I need your help.


My budget is aroung 100 euros.


I am looking for great sound quality.

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Sorry but try follow the link you might get your answer soon!.

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klipsch x10 for 85 on Amazon is the best deal you can get.

It is on the same lvl with 200 dollars IEMs and these have the best bass you can get on BA based IEMs.

I own lot of 1000 lvl IEMs so I know what is good and what is not.

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The HF5, RE0, Sony EX600, JVCFXD80, Brainvawz B2, Yamaha EPH100 are great buy under this budget and these all shows lots of hidden details in music.

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Thx guys.


I'll go for the Yamaha's. I found a great deal.

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Great choice. im a big fan of the eph100s sound, build, isolation and fit

how great a deal??
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Any recommendations for good earphones around $150? Probably willing to overspend abit. Currently using a klipsch s4, would like an earphone that gives around the same type of sound or to be more specific I'm looking for earphones that give really good clarity and balance. Don't like earphones with loud bass, but at least provide a certain level of bass. Thanks for any input in advance! smily_headphones1.gif
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