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Does anybody know of a sound card that:


 - Has Windows 8 driver support

 - Has bit-perfect output

 - Supports 7.1 analog out (unbalanced ok, balanced preferre)

 - Has individual VU meters (incl. dB ranges) for each of the 7.1 channel, regardless of what is the playback source file or method creating the 7.1 audio streams (i.e. you can monitor each audio level separately and simultaneously on individual VU meters while doing playback of say a Blu-Ray disc)?

 - Supports on driver level DTS/DD (all codec versions) playback or is compatible with Blu-Ray / DVD Playback software that decode the sound tracks to multi-channel out?


I'm in a dire need of such a sound card for professional work, but most card reviews / specs don't seem to listen the VU meter specifics.


Any ideas are welcome.