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I'd also be keen to go to a meeting. I live near Grantham and would consider traveling to London but would prefer it to be closer if possible.




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I'm going to be at CES and was going to speak to a few folk there and see if we can get a few pairs of cans and anything else I can get to try out on a loan. Will let you know how I get on...

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Birmingham would be another possible location. It's pretty much in the middle of the country.

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So this may sound stupid but what exactly is the meet up for?

Is it a chance for everyone to test out various different headphones and stuff?

If so I would love to come to a London meet (I live in Essex)
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I too would love to come to a meet if it was in London. I really wanted to go to the event organised by Andy last year but in the end, circumstances precluded it! I'd be delighted to bring a few of my more portable bits and pieces if it is that sort of get together.


Why not something low key, without manufacturers, maybe just some of our own kit?



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Am up for a meet in the London area ...other than on this site is there any other local ie UK forum one can find ?
Would be nice to check out some more esoteric can/amp combos and get involved with people who know a bit about tubes etc.
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Awesome. Seems to be a lot of interest.


I've never heard electrostatic cans, so if there's any chance of blagging or borrowing a pair, that'd be pretty cool.



+1 for London area

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Esoteric (as in high end) not electrostatic?
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I'm from and live in West Yorkshire, and took my BHSE and SR-009's to the Cambridge head-fi meeting last year which I went down with two friends. I was also going to take my source which is the Esoteric K-01 but decided not to, however if an head-fi meeting could be organised somewhere more local, say Leeds or Manchester, I'd be happy to take that source. I've the GS-X on order so if an head-fi meeting could be sorted out around the two Cities mentioned, I'd probably be taking my K-01, GS-X and Senn HD600's. The reason why I feel taking a dynamic headphone amp would be better than the BHSE, is because there's a lot more variety of dynamic headphones than electrostatic. So those attending that meeting could take their dynamic headphones and find out what the K-01 and GS-X are capable of. I haven't got the GS-X yet and have never heard one, but I've had the K-01 for over a year.  



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+1 for London


Previously attended Manchester meet, then went away from Head-Fi for a while so missed the last meet(s)


Would prefer in a few months time when it will be warmer / have fulfilled planned purchases very_evil_smiley.gif Super ideal would be a summer meet in June onwards. Besides more people will be free then?

May is highly impossible as no annual leave allowed due to work financial year end and personal projects

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London is the place for me as well.
Only interested in electrostatic and dyi (only exception bhe) related electronics.
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London would be great for me, anytime I'm not travelling. I went to the Cambridge Meet last September I think it was. Pretty good show all round. Well worth going to as I bought my first DAC at the meet. Item Audio was there with lots of kit to listen to - great people.

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I'd probably be up for a London meet, date depending...

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Count me in!  Haven't made the last couple of meets due to the location but I'm sure everywhere in London has a tube stop so no excuses this time biggrin.gif

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I'm very new to this, but already really interested in this kind of gear, so you can count me in too. London has got be the location. I'm 100 miles away, but it's always great to have a good excuse for a visit to the capital. My recent purchases: Hifiman HE400, Beyerdynamic 770, and a Hifiman EF 2A. Older gear I had been using - up till now, Grado SR 60, Sennheiser HD595 and HD280. Output, a cheap DAC and a really cheap valve headphone amp from Hong Kong called little bear. Great little bit of kit though (it's featured in my profile pic). Main interest for me is to be even more wowed by great sounding gear and give me a reason to aspire to (read as, save for) even better kit. Main reason for using this equipment - I write music and work it through right to the final mix - all on headphones!
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