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London UK Meet?

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I've been waiting for one of these to pop up for a while, but haven't seen one. Shall we get it going?

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Funnily enough, I asked Sennheiser before Xmas if they'd be interested in sponsoring an event in London for folk to meet up. Bring some equipment along, etc. I was going to call them after the hols.

If any of you would be up for that?
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Uh...well, I'm in.

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Good idea to start thinking about the 2013 UK Meet wink.gif

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Yes,I'm interested too.

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Okay I think Sennheiser will be willing to loan us some equipment to try out. I'm trying to arrange with their mktg team...any special requests...?
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Have you attended the last two meets? you might want to check those threads and get advice from the previous organisers if you feel like getting involved with the next one. wink.gif

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No I haven't but no 'organisers' have identified themselves for this meet. Is there an organiser committee that I need to ask?
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From your tone, it seems to be annoying you, so I won't get involved. Seems better than to be smacked down for being eager to help.
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Absolutely not! I am not sure why you get that impression? In fact,  quite excited somebody is  enthusiastic enough to organised the next one. I was just providing advice to make it easier if you are serious about getting something started. I would be more than happy to help if I can.biggrin.gif

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Okay thanks, difficult to pick up tone from posts...

FYI, I help to organise various events, as I run a bike club, so I'm used to getting things done and tend to just get going. Dr instance I organise about six trips a year across Europe, the biggest being a rii g trip to France with around 300 people. Contacting companies and asking for things is quite normal for me.
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You sound like the right person to get that thing going wink.gif. I was just suggesting it  would be good to gather help or advice from people who went through it before. 

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Ok thanks, at the same time, I don't wish to tread on any toes.
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Every meet has been organised by fellow head-fiers who kindly devoted their free time to it. It just started as an idea like yours so just go for it. wink.gif. Now, agreeing on a place and date is more tricky rolleyes.gif

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London is just so far away (from York and Liverpool). I'm up for going to one, but I can't really bring much of my own gear(if any).

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