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Originally Posted by kevinfik View Post

I also got my CIEMs from Rob today, triplefi.10s, and they are amazing! Fit comfortably, sound as great as they always have, but with better seal. I couldn't believe it could be done for less than I paid for them new, and with all of the options, but it's true!


For those with doubts, Rob has gotten much better on the communication on the IEC Facebook page, and I had no issue with the timing since I always have a pair of headphones when one goes down. Remember, you can only pick two of cheap, fast, and good, but he picked the right two! He even sent my impressions back so I can use them for a future set if I want.

First post...seems a little fishy, plus sending back impressions is common practice

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I received mine yesterday also. They do seam to fit well and sound just as I remembered. The finish looks as nice as I were to expect.

It did take a long time, but as I said in an earlier post, I knew that going in. I didn't contact rob until a week or so ago, and he was very responsive, and apologetic.
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Well my tracking numer shows that my TF10 replacements were delivered today. If that's the case my expereince with In Ear Custom should be over...
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Got my TF10's back. What i can say from my experience is that although the entire journey could have been more pleasant, Rob came through with his promise of replacing my IEM's and i found out that customs are not for me
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I just got my custom Shure 525's earlier this week and I have to say that they fit and sound GREAT!  Rob is trying to keep up with his orders and kept up excellent communication with me, letting me know where I was in the queue.  I realize that something like this takes time and he is certainly an artist at what he has figured out how to do.  I HIGHLY recommend his work for anyone wanting some truly custom in-ear monitors.  I'm a professional sound man and also a part time musician so I use mine while mixing monitors for bands with ears as well as for my personal stage monitoring when I'm playing.  By the way, a Hammond B3, mic'd in stereo sounds BITCHIN' in the ears!!  (Yes...I said "Bitchin"!!)...

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I just wanted to say that I ordered a set of the Tripe FI10's from Rob at InEarCustom and just got mine last week.  They sound awesome and fit perfectly!  They are a huge difference from the Bose set I was using when I sing.  I ordered at a time when Rob suddenly got bombarded with orders but he remained in close communication with me through the process and did an outstanding job of easing my anxiety at spending that much money.  It was a great price and the resulting product is wonderful.  Now I have my molds and his clear molds too and can get more with those if I ever need to.  Thanks Rob!

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How come there are so many people with 1 post in this thread...

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Originally Posted by asdafaasda View Post

How come there are so many people with 1 post in this thread...

That's an excellent question.  I just read through the last two pages and there are a half dozen supposed customers singing the praises of this company on their first post.  Seems a little fishy.  I really hate it when merchants do the same thing on Amazon reviews.

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Awaiting my third reshell....will be a year in nov, never ever been told where I am in the queue or been contacted by rob without first initiating that contact.

Those 1 post wonders are totally bogus IMO
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Originally Posted by luvcustoms View Post

Just ordered my TF10's to be done, Rob said it would take less than 4 weeks for him to do them.  Very Excited!  Rob answered my emails right away and was very informative.  He sent me to www.facebook.com/InEarCustom and it is obvious he's working his you know whats off. Everything looks great to me!  I'll keep you guys posted. He's only charging 90 dollars so I decided to take the plunge:)

Dude. That's insulting the intelligence of everyone on this thread.
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You can bet Rob will be bombarded with orders again since he lowered the price to $90 for the reshells.

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To those who are questioning why there are so many people with one post...WHY would you need more than one post to say what good work Rob does?  I posted the success of my pair and that's all I need to say.  I assure you I'm not a "plant" and you can bet the others aren't as well.  We just want to let those who question that he is the real thing and knows what he's doing!


...and I guess this makes TWO posts for me!

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Although it is funny how many 1st posts there are, I nearly fall into that myself. I have been lurking for quite the while. Regardless, Rob had asked me and I suspect the others to post a review on this forum. And after reading this thread I can see why. Things got a little brutal for a while. I'll be saving my review for when I get the reshells back. I'm getting them reshelled since the the tips broke off my cable in the socket. As such I am converting to the Shure/UE900 MMCX style connectors. Something I highly suggest doing. The TF10 style connectors are just garbage design-wise. In the mean time, I have been blown away by his service so far. And I don't understand how there are outstanding issues still. He is only one man, and it's true my experience hasn't been perfect, but it seems he works very hard to please.

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Too many one posts
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Originally Posted by tannerbnd View Post

Too many one posts

Or........ One too many posts??

Fishy anyway.
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