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Musical Fidelity EB-50 appreciation thread

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I am surprised that the first headphones (IEM's) from such a highly respected Hi Fi manufacturer as Musical Fidelity have not generated more discussion on here. So, although I am not sure how qualified I am I will give writing a review a go for the first time.
One reason I am not sure of my credentials is that I have only ever owned one serious pair of headphones. The Sennheiser IE 8's. I have used them for a couple of years and have learned to enjoy their strengths and live with the infamous mid bass hump and resulting veil.
I was happy enough but when I read of a new IEM from MF I was very interested. Especially at the fairly modest price of £150.
The EB-50's come with yadda yadda and they look blah blah. The all important thing for me is how they sound.
Having said that it may be helpful for me to mention fit. I have never had a moments problem getting a good seal with the IE8's using the supplied silicone tips. The EB-50's come with a crazy number of options. The seven advertised tips plus a load more in a plastic bag in the box. None of them worked for me and I resorted to Comply foam tips.
Back to the sound.
Compared to the IE8's never has the phrase
"night and day" been more appropriate.
The IE8's very definitely have a dark sound. Putting in the EB-50's is the aural equivalent of stepping into the light.
The sound is clean, clear and precise.
Very Hi Fi. In the sense that it is very accurate but is it enjoyable?
MF use the phrase "ruler flat" to describe the frequency response, which makes sense now that I hear them.
The top end is incredibly clear but avoids being harsh.
The bass is there but sometimes I have to listen for it in a similar way that I have to concentrate to hear the detail in the top end of the IE8's.
It is vocals that are really phenomenally well presented with the EB-50's. Ironic as this is a weakness of the IE8's. IMHO.
At first I thought that I could not enjoy the EB-50's as I was missing the "fun factor" of the IE8's. swapping between the two I find that I cannot forego the EB-50's fantastic midrange.
I always knew that the IE8's were presenting a false version of a recording but listening has always been entertaining.
The MF's tell the truth.
The question is,
can you handle the truth?!
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I have very reluctantly sent these back. Outstanding Customer Service from HiFi Headphones.co.uk.

Nothing to do with the sound. Fit issues. I realised that part of the reason that they were uncomfortable to wear is that the barrel of the 'phone was pressing on my Tragus. Something that I was not going to get used to.

A great shame as these IEM's really did turn out to be outstanding once I got a proper seal. Loads of bottom end but well defined and detailed.The rest of the spectrum was similarly present and detailed without being remotely harsh or fatiguing. Despite the discomfort I would put them in and listen for far longer than I intended. They sounded to me to be accurate and enjoyable. No mean feat at this, or come to that any price.

A sound that I would be very happy with in a £300 'phone let alone one costing half that. A bargain IMHO.

I cannot stress enough how important the seal is though. If you are not impressed with these then I suggest that you haven't got a 100% seal even if you think you have.

Initially I thought I had a good seal with Comply's. I was not massively impressed but thought that the EB-50's had certain things right enough to try getting used to the sound.

I was messing about with tips one day. Tried the triple flanges and wham! Stunning. However even a slight error in insertion and the magic went.

If you are fortunate to have ears that suit the form factor and get a good seal you will not be disappointed.

Now my hunt is on to find an IEM that sounds as good and suits my ears. Next up, probably ACS T-15's...

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