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This Christmas went really well and now I got some extra money to burn! very_evil_smiley.gif

I've wanted a balanced setup for my balanced LA2000 for a while now but damn this hobby is expensive and I honestly don't have the $$$ to afford a commercial balanced rig at the moment. I also want this rig to be mobile as I'm constantly traveling for weeks at a time.


I don't know if this is actually feasible but bare with me... This is ideally the setup I'm looking for.

Laptop -> optical -> Balanced Gamma2 -> Balanced Mini^3 -> Balanced LA2000

On the go: The Gamma2 as I understand could be powered through the laptops 5V USB port and the Balanced Mini^3 powered by dual LiPo's (or some better way)

At Home: I would use a PSU to power the Gamma2 at home, but I haven't done enough research in this area so any input here would be helpful, I have seen a few users use sigma22 and sigma25 with it but don't really know enough about this or how it affects the sound to make an educated choice.


What do you guys think about this project?

Is it worth the hassle, there being portable commercially available options like the DB2+PB2 or RSA's new Intruder?