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Good ~$200 2.1 desktop speaker system?

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I am in desperate need of a 2.1 speakers system because I no longer have speakers on my computer. I'm looking for a nice pair at around $200. I'd prefer them not to be logitech because those were my last speakers and I didn't really like them. Any recommendations? Thanks.



EDIT: It has to be able to fit on smaller desks. I can't have massive speakers like bookshelf speakers. 

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You didn't say if size was an issue but if bookshelf speakers are fine this would be a good setup for $200 I doubt you could do much better without going used.  You will also need some speaker wire too hook everything up you can find some cheap at a dollar store or any audio store.


Pioneer BS21 $65

Lepai-2020A+ $20

Dayton Sub 1000 $110


comes out to a bit over $200 with shipping.  With the 8" sub would be under $200 but I would recommend spending the little bit more for the 10" Dayton sub if not saving up a bit more for the 12" model.

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Oh, I didn't think I had to specify if it could be bookshelf. Because it can't. I have very limited space for speakers and bookshelfs are just too big. Sorry for not mentioning this originally.

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I used the audioengine a2s for a while until I splurged on a Peachtree setup. 2.0 intead of 2.1 but They were a great budget choice that sounded good and fit on a desk nicely. Swan m200s are really great speakers but they are very large for desktop speakers and a little over your budget but if you have room for them you won't be disappointed:

Swan makes a $159 2.1 system but I've never heard it. I suspect you won't find anything of quality for under $200. Unfortunately, that price range keeps you in mass produced gear like your Logitech that you weren't happy with.

I just noticed when testing that link that Swan also makes a nice looking 2.1 set up for $299. I would bet money that this system is the best sounding and looking 2.1 for under $300.

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I know a good audiophile friend of mine who uses A2s. I got them off of his advice when I was in the exact same situation as you are now, and they really are worth every penny. They are 2.0, but believe me, they don't lack in bass. It's not for a basshead but it's very punchy and satisfying when it needs to be. And you could always get a good quality sub later. If you don't trust me, read all the raving reviews on them. My advice- get the A2s, they're perfect for your situation. Audiophile quality, and most likely the best 'small' speakers under $200. Not only that, but a couple weeks ago, I bought pair for a good friend of mine (as an xmas present) for $130 (entirely new). The sale ended, but keep an eye on this site-https://www.massdrop.com/. They plan on doing the sale again (read the comments under the recent A2 sale). You could use the left over money to grab yourself a sub, or save a bit more to grab a better quality one. Hope this helped.



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Bass isn't very important to me. I don't want any recession in mids, nor any distortion throughout the whole spectrum. Too much bass is actually quite overwhelming to me. 

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