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For Sale: FS: Schiit Lyr tubes or without

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For Sale:
FS: Schiit Lyr tubes or without

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling because I need the money and haven't found enough time to use it. 


the Bifrost is non-USB and Brightstar Isonode feet

the Lyr will come with or without tubes.  (Nationals, Amperex Orange Labels, Stock, RCA Clear tops, and Gold Lions)

      * This Lyr does not have the relay because I never wanted it in.  Its just one more thing to get in the path and since I always power up and off the Lyr how I am suppose to, I never had to worry.  




Lyr with stock tubes $395

Lyr with tubes - 500


Combo together - 760 with tubes

Combo together with stock tubes 670


Prices include shipping in the US. PayPal fees to be paid by the buyer or send in a way where I do not have to pay them.  


Canadian buyers welcome but it will ship using standard priority and I am not responsible for the package after it leaves US Customs.  Also shipping to Canada is not included but will be discounted since I am offering free shipping in the US.  

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You're the first owner? Original receipt? How many hours on the rig & tubes? Photos? =)

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price reduction.

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caracara08: My email address is at (Hit the PM limit.)

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I also hit my PM limit.  My email is

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Wait! Cancel my offer. Sorry. I didn't read the fine print. 

I actually thought you were offering the combo for the low price of $300.


Silly me.

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still selling the lyr ? I'm interested pm me if you are thanks ! 

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