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I'm using foobar2000 and for some reason could only get it to work with wasapi push rather than event. Anyone with the same issues here?

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I ended up using something called "foo_out_asio" which has been flawless?

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Finally got my WA7 :)

It sounds great with my Fostex TH900 with Jriver ASIO.. Took some tinkering to get it work as it only works with ASIO4ALL as the asio driver and only if i set the CMediaASIO to 32bit.. weird.. but sounds great.

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Fobar perfectly works for me when C-Media set to 32 bit without ASIO4ALL

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Orrite, lets talk about the upgraded tubes, anyone running them yet? what's the difference in sound?

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I currently use upgraded tubes and after 30 hours of use they sound great but didn't try stock since, will just keep them as backup

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More or less Bass?

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First I had a little less bass but after 20 hours they started to sound as good as stock so I no longer interested to try stock again. Be aware I was trying to sell my HD650 for a year until I tried with WA7 out of curiosity but now they not for sale anymore cause they sound so great plus this the best sound I herd from them so far and they blow away D7000 for me
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Cool, no need to buy them then :)

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Does anybody know if it's possible to get Electro Harmonix 6C45 tubes for the WA7 other than woo audio's website?

Are they rare? i mean, i use them now and i really like 'em but they will stop working someday.. should i stack these babies up? 

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Not rare at all in fact I think they are still in production in Russia so no need to build a stash.

I read somewhere that these tubes were developed for high powered military radar systems so at the power levels in the Woo they should last for years.

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I've got a little more than 20 hours on the upgrade EH tubes with my WA7 now and I'm liking them more and more with both of my favorite Grados: the PS500 and RS1i. The 500's have a more extended and defined bass, but the RS1i has a deeper bass than I've heard with other amps. All my listening to this point has been with the WA7's DAC. Enjoying it so much I have not tried it with anything else yet (though I intend to at some point). The setup: imac>lossless files>Pangea usb cable>WA7>Grados

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I tried Micromega MyDAC but heard no difference whatsoever. I also enjoying upgraded tubes so have no plans to try stock one again. Using Audioquest Carbon cable
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i just got my my wa7 the other week and to be honest i cant tell the difference between it and my Asus Xonar Xense One. 
maybe i have a heating problem or some thing 

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this man's wallet has been saved

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