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What is this tip called?

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They're from the westone 3 gold stock pairs. Seriously though, to me it provides similar sound quality to comply's, but they are much easier to put on/take off and I don't have to replace them every couple of weeks. I'd like to know their name so I could get more of these.

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These are the new "Star" tips. Westone has been including them in new stock for a few months. I love them and can't for them to available in  a fit kit, sometime in January. These are the first tips that really work for me on Westone and Shure IEMs.

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looking forward to getting some of these myself!

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Oooooh, I hope my W4Rs come with these!
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They are a MASSIVE improvement over the previous supplied "grey flex tips" which produce a lot of siblance with almost any ear.


But they are not perfect.  It is nice trade-off between comply/olive/foam tips which eliminate 100% of any siblance and the previous supplied silicone tips (grey flex or bi-tri-flange)


Comply Tips:  Zero siblance but somewhat rolled off highs.  Great preservation of soundstage. Terrific midrange and bass.


"Star" tips:  Exceptional fit almost guaranteed due to patented flex striations on the flanges.  Eliminates 65-70% of siblance caused by normal disfit of old style silicone tips.


UM56 Custom Tips:  Zero siblance but with better overall clarity.  A great feat!  But sound is aggressive and forward. Can sound "peaky" at times.

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