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New Rega Ear

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Can't seem to find any reviews of this new amp.  Tempted to upgrade to it (from Asgard) due to an otherwise all-Rega system, but not sure if it's any better.  Plan on using it with my Grado 325is.

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I use to have an older one, about 2 years ago. It's a nice little head-amp. Typical Rega sound, warm with lot's of detail. For the price it's worth it.

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Yep, they don't have too much information on the web about them compared to some. What hifi.co.uk have some favourable reviews of Rega gear on their site, perhaps that will help?  http://www.whathifi.com/rega


I have an older (1998 ish) too and (not that you can really compare it to the newer ones) I like it. The sound is very detailed but not harsh.

I would always recommend listening to it in a hi-fi store before you buy it though.

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I've just done a bit of googling for info on this new Ear.


I really like Rega stuff, they are a very dependable company who have always made excellent audio equipment.




one thing to consider perhaps before buying a new headphone amplifier is that you could buy a second-hand one and get hugely better quality for the same money.


Simply keep you eyes on eBay or similar online auctions and you might be surprised what comes up.

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I would love to see a review or first impressions of this amp (especially in relation to other amps, including the original Rega Ear).  I heard the original version and I liked it a lot -- particularly more than the Lehmann Rhinelander, which I also auditioned at the time.  Rega has been coming out with some great products lately, including the new Brio-R.  If the sound of the Ear Mk2 follows the sound of the Brio-R (and forthcoming Elicit-R), I think I'd like it...

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Any recent Rega Ear impressions?

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I have nothing to compare it is my first headphone amplifier. The sound is detailed, warm, strong in comparison to the headphone output of the CD player. Actually I bought for the Sennheiser HD650 headphones.

As realization is ok, aluminum housing with plastic faces and surprising quality to the electronics.

In my opinion worth every penny.

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Thanks for your info.

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I really like my first gen rega ear. A draw back is it comes with only 120v adapter, so it doesn't work if you travel to 220v area.

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yes the Ear2 sound good with fostex t50rp

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Since I have a Rega DAC and love it, when I read about this, it peaked my interest.  Not much info around but was able to find this review.  Also, it seems to retail at $398.00. Seems to be pretty new.


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I'm very curious about this amp.  Anyone had the chance to try it?  That review had my interest up this morning when it claimed to take the music from instant to 'real' coffee.  I'd like an amp to put between my Music Streamer II and my Beyerdynamic dt990 pros.  Something beefy and authentically musical sounding would be great, I think, to fill out the mids a bit, improve the vocals, and cut out some of the (alleged) harshness in the high end.  (I actually don't mind these phones, coming from Grado 80s, which really tore up my ears in the high end.)  


Actually, I'm using the Schiit Magni now, and it's not bad. So I don't know if this would be a step up.  Mainly the soundstage and imaging could scale up, I think.  The amp tone could be a bit darker and beefier I think, and that would help.  I'm debating between this, the Heed Canamp, and the Lehmann Rinelander, if anyone has experience with these amps.  I've read reviews of the other amps, and I'm getting mixed opinions about how they would do for my source and headphones.  


I listen to mainly classical, but I really appreciate bass, rhythm, and punch as well as soundstage from an amp.



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Hello, I'm not an expert and my english is poor.. so, I've listened the new Rega Ear in a shop with this chain: 


Cambridge Stream Magic 6 (wav file)  -> Rega Ear -> Shure 940 (mine)/Grado 125i/DT 880 (600 ohm)

The sound was very warm, I love it with 940 and 125i (40% volume max) , DT 880 sounded very good too, almost better than my Shure (600 ohm/75% volume max) but was the first time that I heard this headphones so I can't judge how sound in a different amp


Bought it and back home :)  


Plugged to my Desktop pc/foobar/wasapi ->Hiface two -> V-Dac II + Stabilized PSU Zetagi ->Rega Ear->Shure940/Grado Alessandro Ms1i.

The sound changed drastically, cold.. poor bass, poor sound, totally disappointed especially from Ms1i.


All I can say is that this amp don't like V.Dav II, really a wrong wedding. So after five years with this gear is time to change, waiting a Rega Dac for the next week :)


Ps. there is a youtube video that show this amp with fine Nichicon capacitors, but I've read of a guy that found different and cheap capacitors inside.

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Thank you for that description.  I'm thinking of pairing the Music Streamer II with the Rega Ear, but if the V-Dac II is no good, I'm not sure the MSII will be much better.  I'll have to try it out at some point and report back.  I'm using the DT990 pros.  I'm tempted to even try a combo Dac/Amp such as the NAD 1050 D, which is supposed to have good bass as a DAC.  I know Rega equipment is supposed to be warm, smooth and analogue sounding when used together, but I'm surprised the amp wasn't able to produce such a sound with the V-Dac II.


MF stuff is also supposed to be pretty smooth, but I guess their lower end lacks punch.   

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