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What's the point of LOD's?

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What are the point of the LODs? Is there any difference vs the audio jack?

I'm talking about something like the FiiO L9, L11, etc.

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The lod bypasses the internal amp and gives better quality generally.
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Volume will remain the same and will be controlled by an external amp

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It maxes the volume, isn't for straight to headphones. It gives a cleaner signal for an external amp. Double amping leads to white noise and low SQ, so it bypasses the internal amp.

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Without an LOD, both the device and external device amplifies the signal rather than just one, leading to higher noise and bad sound quality.


The volume on the device will show as maximum. You can then control the output volume on the external device.

For certain devices like the Fiio, you can then tweak the sounds with EQ. It will sound terrible with EQ if your signal is double amplified then tweaked.



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