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PC and PS3 headphone setup

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My old headphones broke (Roccat Kave 5.1) and I'm looking to purchase a new setup that works well with both PC and PS3.  I mostly play FPS games, Battlefield 3 and Planetside 2.  So my goal is to find a set that promotes good directional awareness.

On my PC, I have a Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer soundcard.  I need a set up that allows me to switch easily between PS3 and PC.  My budget is capped at $200.


After reading the guides/reviews here I'm leaning towards the AD700 with a AntLion Modmic 2.0 (when released).  I'm also looking to purchase a good mixamp, as it seems the only way to go.  I've looked at the Astro Mixamp Pro but it's $130, which puts me over budget. So the AD700 run around $100, which leaves me around $100 for mic and mixamp.  Also are there any cheaper alternatives to the Astro mixamp?  I'm curious to know if a mixamp would allow me to easily switch between platforms?  Would it be redundant use a mixamp with a soundcard?


Any help would be greatly appreciated,



Also, don't know if it's important but I use a monitor for both platforms.  The PC is connected to the DVI input and PS3 via the HDMI input.  I don't have an audio receiver or anything else.

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I'd offer you my Recon3D USB for $70 shipped, which offers voice chat mixing and Dolby Digital decoding for the PS3, along with decent virtual surround. The HDMI output to your monitor isn't a problem since you can set the PS3 to output over the Toslink/optical S/PDIF and ignore the HDMI audio path.


The only thing is that you'd still have to unplug and replug the headphones and mic all the time, depending on what you're using. You'd need an audio input switch of some sort, but I don't know of any meant to switch dual 3.5mm TRS jacks, just RCA ones.

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I use my Recon3D with my PC and my Xbox360, I'd say it's a solid alternative to the Mixamp. Mine also has zero background hiss with my AD700, I've read that the newest Mixamp and the Turtle Beach DSS units have some hiss in the background. I also game on a monitor. Feel free to ask me any specific questions about my setup.

It replaces the motherboard's built-in Realtek sound on my PC. And since my computer continues to provide power through USB even if turned off (I noticed my Xbox does this too), I actually just leave my Recon3D's USB plugged into the computer, and the optical cable plugged into my Xbox. If your PC doesn't provide USB power when turned off, you could just add a cheap powered USB hub, and you wouldn't have to unplug anything. There's a switch on the side of the Recon3D to switch between PS3, PC, and Xbox modes. edit: just remembered the PS3 chat goes through USB. IF you want PS3 chat and you don't have a separate microphone (Bluetooth or maybe USB?), you might have to plug the Recon3D's USB into the PS3. IMO not a big deal to switch one USB cable if the console & PC are next to eachother, and your PC has USB ports on the front for easy access.

$70 is a really good deal, check out the amazon page for comparison: http://www.amazon.com/Creative-Blaster-Recon3D-External-Enhancer/dp/B005FKT70O
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