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Help me please!  

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So I have problems in my house with noise. I brought these but the headband was not adjustable... It was too small for my head at least... So it was unuseable as well as having to make me refund :

Peltor Optime III Premium Headband Ear Muffs



Current IEM I am using are the:

JVC HAFX1X Xtreme Xplosives In Ear Canal Headphones



I want to know is there any other methods or any other earmuffs or IEM which will GREATLY reduce or isolate music/sound from TV or a laptop next to me..


I need some tips here. It's driving me crazy with all this noise....

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Hmmmm have you looked into Etymotic products? They offer great isolation, or westone um1 (or shure Earsonics etc.) W/ custom tips, a little pricy, but great isolation as well.

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Is there any alternatives headphones or earmuffs I can use? 


Would it be better to use shure, would it be as effective as double layer headphone/earmuff + IEM or..

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Would using like Etymotic IEM under the peltor optime III premium headband ear muffs, would it isolate more than if I used the JVC HAF1x1 IEM?


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might, you'd have to go to a meet and try a pair to be absolutely sure, they aren't for everyone, then again you can try custom tips, but they're pricy....

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I mean the JVC which I said has like open ends.. If you check the images of them.. So using Etymonics or any other better IEMS more expensive than £15 would definitely increase it I believe.. I mean those earmuffs are the best earmuffs.. They are used in many tournaments etc... Nothing can beat them except for a few maybe.. but it mainly lies within the IEM to give that extra boost of isolation and I think getting those might finish the job. Except I don't use a sound isolation booth in my house lol xD Right?

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The best isolating headphones I've ever tried are the Rock-IT Sounds R-Shield. They isolate even better than many IEMs I've tried.

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You could get some JVC S500, they isolate well and sound killer, some of the best sounding headphones I've heard in a while.





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I got the peltor prime.. I am looking for suggestions for better IEM to isolate more.. In my first post you can see my gear, and the IEM are quite cheap and the ends are open ended if you can see the images

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I think Shure SE215LTD will fits u more. if u like your fx1x.

SE215LTD has good bass,natural and controlled. overall an upgrade from fx1x.

isolation is really really good. pair with comply P tips for even more isolation.

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Etymotic. They have the best isolation. You can try hf5 of hf3 or ER4P or whatever really. 

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i don't think Etymotic's bass will fit his taste if he used fx1x..

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