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Looking for IEMs $100-$200 for use with Fiio E11

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I ordered a Fiio E11 amp to use with a LOD cable from my iPod Touch 4th gen since I'm finally trying to get a good portable rig going. I currently use Panasonic Ergofit (not sure exactly which model) in-ear headphones unamped and the sound quality is great for the price, but I'm looking for better, much better.


My current at-home headphones and related equipment:

- Creative X-Fi HD USB

- Audio-Technica ATH-M50S (straight cable)


I bought the M50s for listening at home, and to run events at my high school (I'm a sound technician). I love the sound of my ATH-M50s, and I'd like IEMs that sound very similar to them if possible. I'm 16 and listen to oldies, alternative rock, and electronic music.


What I listen to (favorites marked with *):


- Alexisonfire *

- Artie Shaw *

- The Beatles (only some songs)

- Benny Goodman *

- deadmau5 (I like calm songs like Strobe the most) *

- C418 *

- Flyleaf

- George Gershwin *

- Glenn Miller *

- Justice

- Klaypex

- Metric

- The Naked And Famous

- Of Monsters And Men

- Paramore *

- Rustie

- Tommy James & The Shondells *

- Woody Herman *


Almost all of my songs on my iPod are MP3 320 CBR. When I'm at home, I listen to FLAC. When I buy music (I'm not suggesting I ever "borrow" it from online :P), I buy CDs usually from HMV. I'll never understand why people are willing to pay Apple for lossy music when you can get lossless (CDs) for the same price.


I don't want IEMs with a lot of bass, just a very well-balanced sound with clear highs and mids. The only time I like a lot of bass is with my Onkyo TX-NR609 at home when I occasionally listen to dubstep, and when I do, I adjust the sub levels per-song. I'm new to head-fi and I'm not sure what exactly all terms mean, but I think overall I like analytical sound more than warm. I like to hear every part of the music clearly separated. I often listen to music for 5 or more hours per day. Sometimes I just concentrate on the music and don't do anything else, and other times I read things online or play video games.

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I also forgot to mention that I've already spent days looking through other threads looking for something similar to what I am, but no one seems to have my taste in music. I've been looking at the Rockit Sounds R-50 and Shure SE215 IEMs, but I'm just not quite sure they're what's best for me. I never really care about looks for audio, but the R-50s look pretty bad. They remind me of $20 earbuds... I've also read that the SE215s have problems with the removable cable connector. I live in Canada and it seems like my options are pretty limited because of that. Amazon.ca doesn't seem to sell any IEMs/earbuds/IEMs.

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Shure SE425 if you have the money
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R-50, BA200, RE262 or GR07 would all be good choices imo.

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I really want the RE262s, but I can't find any way to order them in Canada. Were they discontinued? HiFiMAN doesn't have them on their website.

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At one time I had the westone 4R and the Fiio E11 and man did that combo sound good. It's too bad I didn't keep it, it was just too expensive.
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Looks like a good combo! Maybe one day I'll get that, but after I'm done with school I don't plan on ever buying IEMs again. I want to use only over and on ear headphones, but I need something low profile for class. In some of my classes, the teachers don't mind if we listen to music, but something tells me they wouldn't appreciate me using my M50s in class. Imagine me with my big headphones, E11, and iPod all on my desk and my BlackBerry beside all of that! haha

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I decided to get the TDK BA200s.





Shipping & Handling:  




Total before tax:  


Estimated tax to be collected:  


Import Fees Deposit  




Order Total:  



I bought them on Amazon.com and it worked! The ones on Amazon.ca are $293.98 before S&H! I hate how much Canadians get ripped off. We get access to a smaller market of items, and pay a premium for the little that we do get. I got lucky on this order.

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Good choice they're a great IEM and at $160 well worth it.

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Well, Amazon either doesn't like that I'm in Canada, or doesn't like my Visa Debit. I'm probably not going to be getting the BA200s, and instead I'll get the Rock It Sounds R-50s if they support Visa Debit and Canada shipping.

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I also found the headphone section in Amazon.ca, but the headphones are still also almost all extremely over-priced.

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I bought the Rock It Sounds R-50. I'll update with a review after I've had them for a while.

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Just put a wanted ad in the classified, maybe someone will respond.

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I've had the R-50s for over a month now and I'm not quite sure how I feel about them. I'd describe them as bass light, and extremely bright. Trumpets in my jazz songs often make me want to quickly pull my R-50s out of my ears! The highs are piercing! On Paramore's live album "The FInal Riot!" The Ss come through as an almost hissing sound and far too high-pitched. Now, all of what I have said above is in reference to my ATH-M50S, ATH-M35, home theatre system, and big Mackie speakers at school on which the album sounds good unlike the R-50s. The album is in FLAC, so the problem isn't because of lossy compression. I was going to write a full review, but they're already mentioned on Head-Fi and people seem to be slightly aware of them.


I don't think I would buy them again because of their ear-shattering highs.

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That´s why i suggested Shure SE425, better body and less harsh highs.

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