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value ceiling speakers

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Hi all,


I'm looking for decent ceiling speakers for a classroom. Preferably speakers that sound good but also have a reasonable price point. I was looking at the Polk Audio RC80i's but I'm not too sure if they're a good buy.


Any input is appreciated,



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I'll just bump just his once. I really haven't been able to find detailed information, online, about In-ceiling speakers like I could for headphones and typical speakers.

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Thank you very much for your input. It says, in the product description, these are recommended for large rooms and high ceilings which is perfect for my situation.

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Sorry, one more question. What kind of amp would you use to drive these in-ceiling speakers?

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There are better forums for your needs but IMO Check Monoprice. They are cheaper and sound quality probably will be the same

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Get a used sonance amp from ebay. I like the Sonance 875D mkII (uses icepower modules) if you need 8 channels.
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