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So, I live in Norway and it's just plain hard to get a hold on the right materials here. I have to rely on shops that ship internationally, but I have noticed the big differences especially when it comes down to shipping cost.


As I am really quite new to the world of DIY headfi, I need some advice on finding some good online shops for bulk cable (and possibly more suppliers) that ship internationally. I'm mostly interested in Mogami W2893 (or equivilent), some adhesive shrink tubing and perhaps some connectors. I've seen this amazing list, but it doesn't say whether the shop ships internationally, perhaps that's something we could improve the list on?


These international shops I've found so far: has a good selection of equipment but takes $37 15 ft of W2893 incl shipping. not a very good selection but a better price of $30 15ft W2893 incl shipping. the shop is closer (UK) but costs a whopping $60 to get 15ft of W2893 incl shipping from them.


Anybody have any tips for buying online (internationally) for honest prices?