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Need a stronger amp than my Bellari HA540

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I just got into headphones as of late. Been into my Hifi stuff for a long time and and have a lot of quality gear. In any case I got the Bellari HA540 and it doesn't seem to drive my Beyer DT880 enough. Can any one advise me on another amp that is a good and won't break the bank. Would love to keep it under 500 if I can.

 In any case I just sent the DT880 back and have some Beyer T1's on the way.I beleive they work best with tube amps as well.


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Have you done any tube rolling? I put a 1951 Telefunken in my Bellaire HA540 and the increased gain is amazing. Along with the gain, the soundstage and bass response increased as well. It's difficult to believe it's the same rig. However, I'm driving audio-technica ATH-ESW9's so we're probably not comparing apples to apples. I bought the Telefunken ( used not NOS) on Ebay from a Canadian seller for $50.00.
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No tubes yet. I don't know much about these. Where can I pick up tubes?
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I suspect something is wrong with your Bellari or your DT880's.  I have the same setup with 600 ohm DT 880 and the Bellari drives them cleanly beyond any volume level I might want.

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I think the amp is ok. It drives my HD650 really good. I can put it to a max of 12 o clock and that's it. Any more and it's too loud.. I just think the DT880 was either really hard to drive or they may have had something wrong. Either way it doesn't matter. I sent them back.

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I think you made right decision and just wait for new headphones and try them on if it doesn't work then buy better AMPs like HiFiman tube AMPs, Yulong A100, Matrix Quattro or A160.

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I second what jpcollinsworth said, the original tube is just terrible.  I put in a telefunken (used) as well and it is a completely different amp.  The sound changed instantly, and it drives my he400's perfect.  It is a critical change to the product.

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