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Does anyone know of a cable that they have had good sucess at a non-exorbitant price ? My hope is that I can find a known good cable and from there I can see if its just my ears, setup or the cables I had been using. And going back to a prior post it does sound like a cable forum question but I am really trying to look at this as a science.
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mogami cables have been reliably constructed and I have never had a change in sound characteristics when using them for interconnects or headphone cables. I typically build my own using mogami guts, and switchcraft or neutrik connectors - never had an issue. 

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I'm partial to Blue Jeans Cables.  No nonsense, good quality cable selection at reasonable prices.  Seems like very little snake oil there.


I'll recycle this link also, it's a good read about wiring.



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Originally Posted by Hi-Five View Post

I'm partial to Blue Jeans Cables.  No nonsense, good quality cable selection at reasonable prices.

+1 for Blue Jeans

I ordered a short AES/EBU cable from them last week and had it in Toronto two days later for less money than local dealers wanted

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Monoprice is even cheaper for the same thing.

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I always liked mono for hdmi and cat5-6 cables so I decided to buy 2 of their cheap audio cables for like $15 total. I don't expect much out of them but give me something else to judge.
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show me a monoprice 1m AES/EBU


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I got 2 monoprice cable and I really should have looked more closely. I just assumed they were 4 conductors. The premium was only 2 conductor and the cheap one was 3. I decided to recable with some cat5 cable and they sound good, but the right ear seems to slightly fatigue me. Is there any ideas on that? Longer wire, ground/audio switched.. etc ? Keep in mind this is my first full re-cable ever. I got some 3% silver rosin core and it goes on like butter and super strong. Can anyone think of some cheap 4 conductor wire that you can easily split ?

This is the premium cable from monoprice. Something like this but 2 conductors per wire. You can easily cut down the middle and split them so it stays insulated.

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