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For Sale or Trade:
TRADE: My Portable Setup (Monster Miles Davis Tributes + Beyer t50p + Fiio E7 + Harman Kardon EP720 (etymotic Er6i)-- Paid over $550!) for your high-end full sized cans!!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Want to trade my portable setup package (Monster Miles Davis Tributes (MDT), Beyerdynamic t50p, Fiio E7, new Harman Kardon EP720 (Etymotic ER6i clones) all in mint condition -- paid over $550 new!) for your set of high-end full-sized cans..


Looking potentially at a Senn HD650/700 or Hifiman HE400/500, Ultrasone ProLine, etc., high-end grados, etc (anything along the same lines). +/- cash if needed. Also interested in IEM's, esp. westones and shures, like maybe a SE215 or low end IEM to even out the deal.


pics upon request and offers. FOR TRADE ONLY, unless you can make a *really* decent cash offer. Thanks!