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crackle in music

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I've compared flac and mp3 , both sources have crackle in the sound. At the same spot. However in CD, I don't notice any. is this a common thing with mp3 and flac? using earphones, it's hard to hear it. But with a car stereo which amplifies the sound, it's more noticeable.
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I notice it too. Annoys the hell out of me when listening to music. Thankfully it's rare. It's not present in cd? I always thought it was just faulty recording gear. CDs give out more detail than mp3 audio formats at 320kbps. So maybe when it's compressed/converted, **** happened? I don't know. Not an expert in this stuff.
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ydah I wanna hear from professionals advice. It's more obvious when the recording contains a lot of hiss or open stage.
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Somebody try to listen to adele's someone like you. Around 3:10 u will hear a loud and obvious crackle or distortion... I'm wondering if its my source or the actually song was recorded like that.
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It is likely an error on the conversion from CD to MP3. Did you rip the music from CD directly? If so, what program did you use to rip? If not, where did you download the track from?

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It's a music streaming service... In my country. But it's in 320k
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