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Need a good pair of headphones ($150)

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So, I need a pretty good pair of headphones for around $150 budget. Closed-back preferred. I mainly listen to dubstep, along with some metal, and a bit of rap/pop. I like bass, but I don't like it when it overhwhelms/too muddy, but I like a puncy/deep bass. I also like an emphasis on drums, i really like it when I can feel the punch of kicks. But, don't focus on getting a pair of headphones that focus on bass, just because of my preferences :P

I was looking at the M50, my brother has a pair, I like them, but before jumping to buy them, I'd rather get a community response from others and getting the best headphone I can for the money.


Also, I don't own an amp

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I think the Logitech UE 6000 sounds outstanding. (200$)
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Phayzon sounds like we are looking for the same thing. 


Music style: I listen to almost anything but country. I write code to dubstep and classical, but listen to metal and folk music most of the time. I want a lot of bass when it is supposed to be there, but not exaggerated in all songs. 


Need something closed back that the guys in the next office won't hear when our doors are open.


I own a pair of AKG studio k240, I love the way these sound. I bought them for mixing sound at church, they work great for that.

They do not have much of a low end though, that works out great for mixing live or recording(with a sub). They are not what I want for just listening.


I also own a cheap pair of AKG k44, these are a little closer to the bass I want, but not overall sound quality or build quality.


I was given a pair of Bose quiet comfort 2, they work great on a plane to cut the engine noise out, but I don't care for Bose otherwise.

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V Moda M80

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I don't know anything about V Moda. They look kinda cheesy.

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How would you describe what you liked about the sound of the M50's? It might be helpful to know when making suggestions...


If you don't mind a dark headphone (i.e. tamed/low high frequencies), then the UE 6000 is a decent choice for the money (though it's a bit too dark for me personally, especially when listening to metal, or anything other than acoustic/classical/jazz music really), and they have much better/clearer bass+midrange and more 'punchy'-ness (good for drums) than the V-moda m80's. 


Personally, I would recommend finding a used Sennheiser HD 25-1 (new ones go for ~$200), as they are really punchy (Drums sound awesome on these) and balanced sounding. Another option would be the Denon HP700's ($99 new), as they would be good for bassy music like dubstep/hip-hop.

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I may be one of only a hand full of M-50s haters on here, but I would personally avoid them at all costs. IMO they are some of the least balanced, worst sounding cans. Enough of that. 


What about some DT770 80ohm's? They can usually be had for around your budget, and they are bassy while still being okay driven by an iPod. Plus, they are pretty darn comfortable and durable. Is portability an issue though?

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I don't know much about sound terms, but I like how the M50s had clarity, however I felt the bass wasn't as impacting/punchy as I like, hard to describe.
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I haven't heard the M50's in a long while, but I don't believe the DT770's to be much punchier... I do prefer the DT770's over the M50's (from what I remember), as they have good bass extension and are a bit brighter (more high frequencies), but the mid frequencies are tad recessed (making them less optimal for rock/metal). I don't rember much about which one of those two is clearer, but both the M50's and DT770's extend deeper in the bass region than the Sennheisers I suggested. The HD 25-1's are still significantly punchier, a bit clearer than DT770's (due to the more controlled bass), and have livelier mids+highs. I've also heard similar commentary about the Denon HP700's (hence I recommended them), except that those are supposed to have even more exceptional bass, and at only $99 they seem like a great deal. And remember, you can usually return opened headphones if you decide you don't like them after trying them out for a while.

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So are you recommending the Denons over the Senns?
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the higher end senns don't have much impactful bass.

side note: sorry i meant the full size options, the portable and closed ones are a different story

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I haven't heard them personally (yet), so it's hard to say exactly, but the Sennheisers are a safe bet if you can find them in your price range. I'd actually recommend looking around locally to see if any stores near you have the HD 25's cause they are rather common/popular, that way you can see whether or not you like them in person (also check for DT770's, as those are fairly common as well). The Denons seem really good from what I've read, and while I do own other Denon models which supposedly sound similarly to them, I obviously can't be 100% sure on how much you'd like the hp700 specifically over the Sennheisers. Though basically, if you really want fun and 'punchy', the sennheisers would be the way to go, but if you prefer clear low/deep bass even more, then you'd be better off with the Denons.

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Originally Posted by streetdragon View Post

the higher end senns don't have impactful bass.

I would agree to this (as the owner of hd600's and having listened to hd 598/650/700/800's before); BUT the HD 25's are really completely different sounding from other sennheisers. Really upbeat, and not laid back or veiled at all.

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So many different choices, don't know which one to choose :///
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