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Thanks, but maybe I wasn't too specific. Why are there 5pins. Should I connect two pins to the same wire?? Or as I think leave two pins unconnected? Don't see the point in 5 pins , because I only need left,right ans ground.
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What wires do you use to wire the driver to the jack? Can you use the wires already soldered on the stock headphones? Would any insulated wires work? Also, does the type of solder matter?


Sorry, new to all this.

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I used some wire I bought off eBay from a user named navships, I wouldn't use it again though, it's very rigid. If you want to use something cheap use some Mogami w2893 wires. You have to strip it out of the rubber sheathing, but it works nicely for this. I wouldn't try using the wires that are already used inside the headphone, they're enameled and will be hard to solder. Just use some different wire and save yourself the headache.

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If anyone is interest this scheme works great http://cdn.head-fi.org/a/ac/acfc54c7_vbattach5125.jpg

and thanks Mr Eleventy :beerchug:

Let the modding begin.

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Hey thanks for the follow up on that! 

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How did you cover up the sides of the hole left by original cable?

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I sealed it from the inside. I got a bigger nut later on that covered it better, like this one.


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My mini-xlr plug was kinda big so I didn't have much to fill, I used the nut and then pasted JB Weld all over. Then I sugru'd the sucker. biggrin.gif

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Thanks guys, I'll think of something. I had to buy another plug. I couldn't screw a nut on it, it was too short. This time it's a 3pin straight panel. :D

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Haha I hope you will have better luck with the new one, you should. Be sure to post your pictures of the finished product here!

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How do you know which connection on the driver is which? (-, right+, left+)

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If I remember correctly, the signal is the one on the far right, and the ground it on the far left. The center is nothing, just a place for you to solder the other driver's signal to. It's this way unless you have the OLD DT770. It had a pcb mounted on the inside of the cup (I liked modding one like that SO MUCH better)



You should wire the right driver's wires right to the 3.5mm chassis, and not to the left cup's driver. It's easier that way and it reduces the rick of messing something up.

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Finished my mod ;) Do you mind that I don't have DT770, but superlux hd 660 (they look almost the same :D ) ? I'am asking if you want those pics here.

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I'm not the op but I'm down w/ pics. smily_headphones1.gif
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Yeah man, throw up some pics! I'm a rebel too, I've put up DT770 pics in an M50 thread! (Just for 3.5mm chassis comparison) :eek:

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