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Everyone has their own style. Sometimes if the headphone doesn't have much room to mount a chassis in it a pigtail (what yours has) is the best option.


My Denon AH-D2000 has pigtails



You can't really see the pigtail as much in this pic, I just like this shot for some reason.

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Just completed this mod and I'm quite satisfied with it. Initially I bought the mini-XLR socket and plug but when they arrived it looked like they are way too big to fit inside this small hole without looking ridiculous. So I went with 3.5mm mini jack option which didn't require much modification in the plastic.


Couple minor issues I've encountered which were not mentioned here:

1. It's quite difficult to fit plastic casing that protects the driver. I've tried putting the cans together without it, but difference in the sound was noticeable, especially on lower frequencies.

2. Locking mechanism that holds the foam in place didn't lock completely on the bottom side as the jack socket pushes whole driver little bit upwards. It's nothing major though.

3. Removing original cable requires you to pull out silver metal thingy :)


Otherwise, it was relatively easy to do and took less than an hour to complete.

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oh, and I've got some photos, maybe someone will find them useful


With cable plugged in




Original wiring (if someone needs it for reference)


Installed socket


Installed socket 2


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Materials used (links for UK people):


3.5mm jack socket - £2.13



Mogami 2893 cable 2m - £7.24



3.5mm plug (amp side) - CANARE F-12 3.5mm jack plug, 3-pole - £5.54



3.5mm plug (headphones side)  - £1.59



Techflex expandable sleeving, size4 - £2.28


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Thanks man, your before/after wiring really helped me out!


I took mine apart today but I think I'll need a dremel to do a decent job of making the hole wider to fit the jack.


I've got some thick foam to cut to fit/seal the gaps so lower frequencies wont be affected. I've got the exact jack as you so a pretty similar setup

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I'm glad they helped :)

Had the same problem with the hole, but I don't have access to dremel and it wasn't worth it to buy one for the occasion, so I've used cheap ikea drill just to widen it enough. Maybe it wasn't as pretty and smooth as dremel would have been, but it did a job. It's covered by the socket anyway.


Good luck with your mod, you will definitely be satisfied once it's done!

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What exactly needs to be drilled out? I have a dremel back at home, but I won't be back for a few months and I don't really want to buy another one... 

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Diameter of the circular mini jack socket is slightly bigger than height of rectangular hole that is left in the cans once you remove the original cable. In order to fit it through you have to make this hole bit bigger. It's not much, probably up to 2-3 mm. Unless you find different socket that is...
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I had a pair of 250ohm DT770 knocking around the office that we were experimenting on and thought I would shoot a quick vid of the operation . Here I have used a 3 pin Mini XLR - I have used 2 seperate grounds - one on the chassis of the socket and one on pin one to make it possible to go balanced in the future. ( although 4 pin would be better for that )

When doing this mod you may find it easier and neater to solder the cables for the right earcup directly to the socket rather than soldering it to the left driver - again handy if you want to go balanced.

I have a burr tool on a dremel to widen the hole just enough so the socket fits tightly.



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I've checked this site, cool stuff but pricey
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It's unbelievable how much they charge though. I need a lathe so I can make wood cups, I'd love that.

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