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Headphone Extension Cable

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I want to be able to listen to my vinyl setup from anywhere in my living room. Where the amp/turntable is located, I can't listen on the couch or at my desk. I have a pair of stock MDR 7506s. I bought a standard headphone extension cable from radioshack that is about 6' long. In theory, it would allow me to sit anywhere and my headphones would reach.


The problem is, when I use the extension cable, the sound is terribly distorted and comes in and out. It is clearly the connection between the headphones and the extension cable. When I mess with it I can get the sound to come in correctly, but then it messes up again. When the headphones are plugged directly into the amp, there is no problem whatsoever. 


Here is my question: am I going to be experiencing this with any extension cable I buy, or does this one just happen to be a cheapo one that doesn't work?


Thanks for the help!

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It's probably a badly made cable. I use the extension cable that came with a pair of D1100s. If I attach those to my headphones with an already silly long cord I can go to the kitchen from my listening station. 

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