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Hi all
Does anyone know how good the qulity is with spotify? Is it worth the tenner a month?
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I have subscribed to Spotify for a few years now. (Live in Norway.) I just recently bought a Fostex TH900 and a Fostex HP-P1 amp/dac, and I wanted to get the most out of my headphones, so I'v bought a lot of albums in FLAC. (Most of them in 24bit/96kHz) Today I did a comparison of audio quality. I switched between Spotifys highest setting, 320 Kbps Mp3 and 24/96 FLAC on the same album. I listened to Hello Troll by Helge Lien Trio. Spotify link: http://open.spotify.com/album/7uj2x11XMDZ0IkmooASH7M (That is a award winning album for great sound.) What shocked me was that I wasn't able to hear any difference at all. At least in the beginning. When I began listening to the faintest details - like in the echo of the percussion and the delivate sounds of base strings, I could make out some small differences. But it might just be my imagiantion.

My conclusion is that I'v wasted a lot og money on high-res files. At least on those albums that are available on Spotify.

- Eide
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sure it is.  There is a way to record it as well and then you can play it on your iPad.

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Record? Illegally? Explain
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no it is perfectly legal.  can't tell you how though

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Yes it's worth it! A tenner a month for 320kbps music from a vast library plus the ability to store over 3,000 tracks onto three devices and the ability to stream only (also at 320 Kbps) from as many more as you like...and all legallly.

I've been using Spotify for about a year and love it.
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I have an iPod Classic and wish there was a legal way for me to download music to that. I would fine if it was encrypted ALAC or something but as of now, there is not a legal way to do it.

(I also an a Spotify Premium member as of August 2012. Used since it came out in the US though.)

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So for a tenner a month you not only want access to a huge library of music you want to own it as well!!!
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It may just be me but it feels like the audio quality on MOG is better than the audio quality on Spotify.  

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It's at 320 kbps if you have the premium service and I find it to be excellent.

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I have mog and they tell you to download it onto your ipad.  play it on demand.  it disappears if you stop paying the monthly $10 fee



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Giving the premium version a try, free for the first month smily_headphones1.gif will see if its what i want to pay for smily_headphones1.gif use i tunes now which is pretty expensive in the long run smily_headphones1.gif
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IME Spotify is the way forward. Turns you from a "collector" into an explorer. Best considered as a vast library. As said about Mog. Download to a device for offline listening as long as subscribed. 320kps seems more than good enough. Unless you have the option of vinyl!
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For anyone who is using Spotify and is a Windows user (not for Mac):


You may want to try this plug-in equalizer:



It gives you a basic equalizer right within Spotify. It's free and I've found it to be a useful add-on... smile.gif

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That looks really good. Is there a version that works on the iPhone?
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