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Blaupunkt 112 DJ ...opinion?

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Hello all. This is my first post on this forum which I have been crawling anonymously for some time. Time to leave that to the past and gain advice!

So I found these Blaupunkt 112 DJ for a very attractive 26 pounds price on amazon. I been searching for a replacement to my broken Senheisers HD205s which would we around the 30-40 price point. What do you guys think about these Blaupunkt 112 DJ? Any other suggestions?





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They seem to have a low price for what they are (soundquality, bild quality and comfort). But did I understand something wrong or are these headphones really open design? So the "dj" prefix would only be there for marketing reasons....?


here are some mesurements (the goldenears jury likes them):


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Pretty sure they are closed and the DJ is just a gimmick...


Problem is there are not many reviews about these headphones. Seems kinda worrying.

The price point makes these very attractive though..

Any other suggestions?

I mostly listen to metal :)

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Came across this post when trying to check about these Blaupunkt headphones, as my daughter was attracted by their retro design and subsequently tried to check reviews on them, which as said are not so many, but I eventually purchased these headphones from Amazon for my daughter, to replace her broken headphones, and I am glad to say that she is very pleased with them. Have listened to these Blaupunkt headphones myself and was really impressed with their lively clear sound, and good sounding tight and precise bass - perhaps they are tend to be slightly bright, but the music I heard from Apple iPod sounded good - did not try it out with a headphone amp, and I suppose that as with all headphones it would have further benefited if I had used a headphone amp for a richer sound and better bass. However, their impedance is round about 32 ohms, so they go quite loud easily without a headphone amp, but my opinion is that using a good headphone amp always improves the sound qaullity irrespective of how loud you listen to headphones.  The build quality (made in Germany) is really great, all metal frame including the headband, and and will probably last long in view of this. An added bonus is that the cable (which is of good quality and not that easy to tangle) is detachable and is easily replaceable with a shorter or longer cable, if desired, and the connection to the headphone is a standard connection. Bear in mind that I have other headphones, both open and closed designs, the best of which (not necessarily in order of merit) are the latest Philips Fidelio X1, AKG K550, Audio Technica ATH AD700 and Sony MDR V6 (all purchased from Amazon), so I am in a position to perhaps make a humble judgement about these Blaupunkt headphones, and in my humble opinion these Blaupunkt headphones are really a steal at the price Amazon is selling them, in view of their build quality and sound quality.

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The bass is crisp and tight. It really is an impressive bundle of joy, should you decide to purchase it at a price far lower than the headphones should be priced, in lieu of its durable build and amazing sound!


The trebles might sound a little muffled to most, but the clarity more than makes up for them.

I must admit, I am not an audiophile, so I cannot comment on soundstage and detail but I do appreciate stellar music devices! Furthermore, at this bargain price, how can one complain when the bass is punchy, but not over-powering, lending any music aficionado the ability to listen to bassy tracks without recoiling from its impact.

I have no complaints with these headphones and the more one listens to them, he notices different sounds he might not have noticed before – so I do think burning time factors affords these cans much improvement. I must point out two things though as a word of caution:


The earpads are alright, but the solid metal build makes these cans quite heavy and can be a pain to wear at times. In addition, while this is an all-rounder, this headphone still sounds better with the vocal genre (opera, acapella, pop, all voices, really…), alternative rock and (surprisingly, yes!) classical music! Not the best if you listen to electronica such as drums and bass but the bassiness one hears should suffice as partial, if not total satisfaction. Hope my review is enough help, lest you decide to go for low to mid-range headphones!

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