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Pretty much the title.


I've been looking for a pair of study headphones for a while. Something small enough to chuck in my bag with my laptop and books, but not a pair of earphones--the "stuffed ear" feeling gets tiresome after a few hours. So by virtue of my desk headphones (JVC HA-RX700s) being really quite lovely, I bought a pair of JVC HA-S400 since they were cheap, but while they feel well-constructed, are comfortable, isolate reasonably well and are nice and portable, I don't like their sound. It's just too bass heavy, so much so that I can't seem to tame it even with heavy EQing.


So I'm looking for something with similar characteristics to the S400, but with a more neutral sound signature. I like the sound of my RX700s and my phone headset UE 5vi, both of which have a sort of neutral-ish, not really emphasized in any area sort of sound. I prefer my headphones to not get in the way of my music, which is too eclectic and widespread across too many genres to use anything else.


What I'm looking for:


- Reasonable build quality. I'm not expecting HD-25 levels of durability, but I'd rather it not fall apart from being chucked in my bag a few times.

- Reasonable comfort, at least as comfortable as the S400 are.

- Neutral-ish sound... a lot of these portable "DJ-style" on-ears seem to be all about strapping subwoofers to your ears and I don't really want that.

- Collapsible/foldable design.

- Some level of isolation--this rules out the Sennheiser PX100s and a bunch of open clip-ons. It's less for me and more for those around me--I'll be studying in the library a lot, and leaky headphones will get me violently shushed by the guardians of the sacred library silence.

- Single-side cable entry. The dual-entry Y-cable of the S400s is annoying. I also can't really wrap the cord around anything.

- Cheap.


What I'm not looking for:


- Blingy. I prefer boring looking things. My laptop is a Thinkpad.

- Emphasized anything, especially bass, but I don't want really bright sounding headphones, either. No V-shaped response curves.

- Smartphone remote. Don't need it, I already have a headset.

- Big price tags. Would prefer to keep it around the same price as the S400s, though I know this may not be possible and am willing to extend up to $100.



Any suggestions would be welcome.