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Need new daily use IEMs

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I lost my klipsch x10 which I liked, so I need to get another pair:


- 100-300$, probably not more, probably.

- not custom fitted

- comfort and isolation are important, I'll be wearing them for hours every day, and they should shut out noises well. The klipsch was good for these; maybe another one can do better?

- sound quality should be good (?) but with maybe more bass? Since iems are generally bad with bass, although reviews said the klipsch has stronger bass than most. Is a stronger bass response on an IEM better than just boosting the bass in an equalizer? If it's not, I'd rather get an IEM with an accurate response

- microphonics - I'll be walking with these headphones a lot, so the movement preferably wouldn't affect the IEMs too much. This also means an IEM that doesn't need an amp, because I'm not going to carry an amp around, but I don't see any IEMs that definitely require an amp.


Thanks for any suggestions


I've looked at

- Etymotic ER-4P but then I read about how the heavy cable has a lot of noise transfer from the cable

- Westone 2?

- Sennheiser IE8 doesn't isolate

- Vsonic GR07? looks like has bass but not as much isolation?

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If you liked the klipsch why not get another set taking advantage of amazons offer?

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You'll need high quality source to get any bass from Ety ER-4, and it would be a very moderate bass anyway, these are definitely not for a basshead.

And i wasn't able to get good bass from W2 at all, they got all cranky and distorted under EQ


I would recommend getting either Westone 3 or UM2

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I've looked at

- Etymotic ER-4P but then I read about how the heavy cable has a lot of noise transfer from the cable

- Westone 2?

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GR07s are great for texture across the spectrum. The bass is nicely detailed, but it does not hit hard at all. You may feel a tiny rumble on some really bass-heavy tracks, but most of the time I don't "feel" the bass. I love the quality texture to it tho. Isolation on the GR07 is acceptable. Listening volume is fine, but at quieter passages I can still hear louder things like a box fan in the room or the sound of one person calling to another across the room.


I've only had the Westone 3s for a day, but I swear they were made for epic movie soundtracks and club music with its spacious presentation and bass response. I enjoy those types of tracks the most with them, anyway. Good bass quantity to quality ratio and response when called upon in a track. Bassheads will probably want more bass anyway, but it gives quite a bit more satisfying rumble than the GR07. Provides more isolation than the GR07. 

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Shure SE425
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