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Suggested Over Ears

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Greetings all, I am new here and I don't think I am by any means a true audiophile, although I like to think I am. What I mean by that is I can hear a headphone and like or not like the sound with 0 consistency as to what is universally agreed upon as "good" or "not good."  I use my headphones to listen to my music (and block out background noise) at work, which is in a somewhat loud warehouse. I've never found in-ear headphones that I like, so I have decided in my mind I will no longer entertain that idea.  I move around quite a bit when I work, so I need headphones which clamp well.  There area list of headphones which I have owned long enough to have a review/reason why they don't work for me:


Klipsch Image ONE: I really like the sound of these, BUT I had 2 of them in a matter of a couple weeks with bad solders causing one of the ear cups to stop working.  Unacceptable.


Beats Studio: I didn't like the sound of these much at all, however, they stayed on my head really well - even when I was moving around a lot with some pretty jarring motions.


Beats Executive: The sound was, in my opinion, much better than the Studios, but the general consensus is these don't produce high quality sound either.  Also, the hissing from the noise cancelling is very annoying.


Monster Inspiration: These sounded really good to me. I was really excited when I first heard these because they had good, un-distorted bass like the Execs, but the mids and highs sounded much better, plus there was no hiss. A side note which I liked about these was that you could still listen to your music when the NC was turned off.  The issue with these was that they moved around/fell off of my head with almost every move I made - unacceptable.


Bose QC15: These were light, the NC was second to none, and they were very comfortable and stayed on my head pretty well.  Downside was the sound. Virtually no low end, high distortion with any amount of volume. I got sick of listening to these after about 15 minutes.


My music is all over the board of genres, but I probably listen to hip hop the most frequently, followed by pop-rock.  


With this information in mind, what are you guys' professional opinion as to a better headphone which will open my eyes to GOOD sound quality, while still being able to stay on my head when I move around?  I think I have a kind of small head, because I've read a lot of people say the Execs clamp too hard, but they're very comfortable for me.  Also, my MAXIMUM price is $350 USD.


Thanks guys, I'll be around 

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You should check out Sennheiser HD25-1 II and Beyerdynamic DT1350. They are both great at isolation and their strong clamping force combined with the split headband design makes them stay on your head no matter what.


I prefer the sound of the Beyerdynamics, but ended up with the HD25 as I found the difference in price bigger then the difference in sound.

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I recently have been looking for some on-ear headphones for studying because the "stuffed" earphone feeling bothers me after an hour or two, especially when I'm trying to concentrate.


So I bought some JVC S400 folding portable on-ear headphones. They are comfortable, they feel well-built and sturdy, and they look nice. The isolation is decent (not near earphone levels though) and they work even through my hair.


Problem is they're way too bass-heavy for me, so I don't really like them. I prefer neutral-ish sounding stuff so it's not my bag, but since you listen to a lot of hip-hop they might be good for you, and at $27 on Amazon they're pretty affordable.

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JVC HA-MR77X. If you are ok with big headphones that weigh exactly one pound, and have a portable amp... But other than that, they are BASS CANNONS. Crazy. No distortion, even with the FiiO E12 at full volume. Can take anything thrown at em. You will love them. 100$, and build quality is fairly decent. Can take quite a beating. From audio, and life. The E12 is 120$... These headphones also double as speakers... And THEY ARE NOT MEANT YO BE SPEAKERS. Lol.
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