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Need help choosing good designed computer speakers!

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I need help choosing new speakers for my computer. The thing is.. I am not looking for huge bulky speakers that take up a lot of space and the speakers will most likely be close to the wall so heating might be an issue. What are some decent speakers with good all around performance and aesthetics? Preferably clean sounding with more or less neutral bass. It doesn't have to have high volume capability or flat sounding as I am needing just pleasant sounding speakers. Design is important and I'm willing to compromise a bit of performance. biggrin.gif


A speaker design that appeals to me is the B&W MM-1 - small, compact, simple minimalistic design. I have absolutely no idea how it sounds but it seems to have favourable reviews on the internet. Klipsch, Audioengine, PSB, Adam or any other monitors are too bulky looking so it's a big no no. My preferred budget is under $250 but can extend to $600 if necessary.


Thanks in advance!

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So I'm assuming you're looking for active speakers, with the amp and drivers in one package. I'm also assuming you want a 2.0 system without a sub.

The Swan M200 (MKII or III) is quite competent. They are decently sized, standing at a foot high. They also are rear-ported, which means they need to be around 4 inches from the back wall. Another common suggestion would be the Audioengine A2 or A5. Swan has similar offerings in the form of the D1010 and the D1080, both of which are compared favorably to the Audioengines. You can check out the Swan speakers at theaudioinsider.com. Last of all would be the Focal XS Book. I'm a fan of its aesthetics, but can't say I've heard it before.


If you're willing to go used, check the GLA-55. rolleyes.gif

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Thanks for the reply! The Swans are too big but the Focal XS looks good with the iPod dock. How much better is the A5 over the A2?

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The MM1's sound pretty good and are nice & compact to boot. They're on my shopping list for next year as I've just re-styled my study in a vey minimalist fashion. I spent considerable time looking / auditioning at desktop speakers and these have sufficient clarity + quality + power for me.
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The A5s are a lot better than the A2s in reproduction due to the size, which you may find too big as well(A5 has a 5" woofer). I have been looking to upgrade(or rather sidegrade) my pair of R2000T Edifier speakers for quite a long while and I found this.Some of the studio guys like the speakers and frankly its the most innovative or interesting design at this price point which was what grabbed me. Have not heard one though. Its front ported so if you are in a tight space like myself, it will go well with your room.


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head on over to the parts express forum for some DIY ideas if you're handy

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To be clear, I was referring to the Focal XS Book, which is a 2.0 system.

DIY is always an option, but typically is for passive speakers.

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Just go with the MM-1 from Bowers & Wilkins. Sure there will always be better alternatives, but if space is an issue, they are probably one of the better products out there (I enjoyed them more than the Audioengine actives).



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