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Hi I've been doing a lot of reading online trying to figure out the best headphone + sound card combination possible to fit within my price range. ($220)

(I've done a ton of research but have come up empty handed)


Up until this point I have always been using very cheap gaming headsets (<$50).

My primary focus is PC gaming (FPS mainly). Music/movies come in second.


With my research I have come to the conclusion that gaming headsets in general have terrible sound quality and are overpriced.

The general consensus is to buy a good set of open headphones and a sound card. (Yes, I have been using my onboard sound...)


The problem is I have read about great headphones for gaming and the best sound cards for gaming however they are way out of my budget.


My budget is roughly ~$220.

FPS gaming focus for long durations (must be comfortable headphones)


What headphone and sound card would you recommend?


Thank you very much for your time.