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For Sale: FS: Westone 3

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For Sale:
FS: Westone 3

Will Ship To: Anywhere

My Westone 3's are for sale.

Complete with the box, CD and accessories, but please note that these are repaired and so not as new and may not be for everybody.

I bought them with in a broken state intending to get them re-shelled but on further inspection, realised it was easier to repair them.
The tube that the tips fit on to was snapped off on one ear-piece and I managed to find plastic tubing of the same internal dimensions (but slightly wider external) that I have used to replace this. I then made the same modification on the second ear-piece for consistency. The mod has worked well for months now. The only consideration of note is that the standard tips no longer fit - Complys fit okay though and I will include two new pairs for the buyer.

They work really well as is, but could of course be re-shelled if you prefer.

They sound fantastic to me, but I have been won over by my Heir Audio's and so I am passing these on at a hopefully fair price.
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Hi. Im from Poland and i want to buy this earphones from you. Please let me know The finnal price.
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