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ps3 toslink dac

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So I have a x-fi hd usb, and it works fine for my computer and I like it a lot.


So I hooked it up the toslink out from the PS3 to the input on my x-fi hd usb.


Sound works on the menu, and I played with all the settings, and nobody has gotten it to work with games.



I have no idea why, are there any dacs that work with this?


Is there any other way to do this?


I tried the phono plug as well on this, but it's full of hissing. There is a ground plug on the x-fi hd usb for the phono, but where would I plug that in?



I just want my computer audio with the ps3 as well.

 It works fine with the xbox 360, but ps3, nope

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My MiniMax DAC works fine with the PS3 out of the digital optical cable.  There is a setting somewhere in the PS3 menu, I don't remember where, but you have to enable the digital output to work in conjunction with everything else.  Sorry I can't remember where exactly it is.  I just remember mine did the same thing and it was due too the PS3 settings, not the DAC.

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yeah i did do that

apparently it doesn't work with any x-fi's =/

pretty lame



your dac is like 750$ though, way outta my price range ;p

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got it
so i rca to 3.5mm and i plugged that into my realtek's line in port on the back of the motherboard.
i didn't even click anything, sound just went through
realtek to save the day


my headphones are still plugged into the x-fi hd usb

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i still think you should double check the settings on your ps3 under sound and make sure multi sound output is clicked off



i run toslink to my tubedac 11 with no problems or hassle

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yeah i checked, still didn't work.


and i lied, there's audio hissing on the realtek too -_-

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