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Ultrasone 780 vs. ATH-M50

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Well ive narrowed it down to these two for my purchase of 150 and under,

What is each headphone good for?

Which one has a omre prominent bass?

Which genres would you match up with each headphone?

Thank you.


P.S. I listen to Rap, Hip hop, rock, dubstep, electronic, and others But MAINLY Rap and hip hop

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Rap and mainly hip-hop, Ultrasone 780. The M50 are barely passable for any genre, much less rap and hip hop. Very neutral, 780 has a lot of bass but well controlled. The M50 is the headphone of hype around here.

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Thanks do you own either one of them?

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I've owned a pair of M50's, and I was satisfied with my purchase.  They were the first real pair of high-quality headphones I've owned (HiFiMan HE-400's on the way), so I can't compare them to anything other than cheap iBuds, etc... I can say they sound better than Beats in my opinion.  The bass isn't as prominent, obviously, but they are much more true to the recording.


I can't help with the comparison to the Ultrasone 780, but I can say that I was satisfied with the M50's, and they didn't slack in the bass department.

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Wow its very wierd, everyone has their own opinion... I dont know who t trust...does anyone have both or the 780? 

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I owned the M50. Not so good. I have listened to the Ultrasone many times, excellent.
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The bass on the 780's will tickle your ears, you can feel it. I'd go with the 580's which have more bass if that is what your looking for.

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I dont need to much bass, i just want to know its their and its audible..

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For christ's sake someone reply Lol

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The PRO750s are on sale right now for $150 on Amazon...Crazy price...It was posted in the Ultrasone Fan thread.



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Is it worth it

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Originally Posted by IatomI View Post

Is it worth it


Now that is the $64,000,000,000 question....beerchug.gif


I'm an Ultrasone freak and listen to the genres you listed, so for me, I would buy 2 pairs.  lol...The 750s are great...For you, never having listened to an Ultrasone, don't know...Ultrasone motto- you either " love 'em or hate 'em"...If you love 'em, put on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride...



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I just realized the 780 is the same price as 750, which one is better for what?

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